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  • Using Drones To Monitor The Great Barrier Reef

    In the Coral Sea off the coast of Australia, stretching for 2,300 kilometers lies one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.  It is the world’s largest structure made of living organisms and can be seen from outer space.  It is the home to thousands of species of sea creatures... Read More

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  • FAA Revising Current Drone Policies With Help from PrecisionHawk’s CEO

    The second largest professional auditor in the world, PwC, has estimated the the drone industry is worth close to $127 billion.  With commercial drone use in infrastructure and agriculture totaling around $45.2 billion and $34.2 billion, the drone industry is literally taking flight.  Which is why it more important that ever for proper guidelines to... Read More

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  • The FAA to Loosen Restrictions for Flying Drones

    As drone technology continues to advance, it is important that the guidelines that support the drone industry advance as well.  For the safety of both drone operators and bystanders the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) enforces strict regulations on drone use.  There is no argument that regulations need to be in place, but these regulations have... Read More

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  • The Birth of Under Water Drones

    When we think of drones, we normally picture a standard UAV, an airborne drone with either rotors or wings.  But in actuality, that is a very limited description of a drone.  Really a drone can be any unmanned aircraft ,ship, or vehicle that can navigate remotely or autonomously.  So yes, a drone can be a... Read More

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  • Autonomous Learning Drones Successfully Fly Through Obstacle Course

    Drone racing has become one of the fastest growing entertainment sports.  There is now a official organization, The Drone Racing League, that airs races on major networks like NBS Sports.  Top ranking pilots aggressively race at speeds upwards of 90MPH through complex 3D courses.  It is like taking an elite video racing game and setting... Read More

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  • Tethered Drones Can Remain Air Born for Days at a Time

    Drones have proven themselves as valuable tools in many different fields.  Whether they are being used by a civilian hobbyist, a commercial industry, or even a military fraction they are bringing ease and advancements to all involved.  However, if you were to ask any drone operator what the one major draw back in drone technology... Read More

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  • Company Uses Diamonds & Lasers to Power Drones

    In 1953 when Marilyn Monroe swept across the silver screen in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes singing Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, an ad franchise was born.  Since then jewelers and diamond manufacturers have been toting the phrase to their advantage.  Well move over ladies, diamonds are about to become someone else’s best friend.  The line... Read More

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  • Company Creates Under Water Drones for Inspecting Pipes and Waterways

    Drone technology has been taking over our airspace lately.  They are being used for almost everything from photography, inspections, agriculture, security, deliveries, research, racing, hobby, and so much more.  Drones come in all sizes with different flying and battery configurations.  But now, a new form of drone technology is making it’s mark.  These are drones... Read More

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  • Ireland to Use Drones to Curb Illegal Dumping

    Ireland is a country famous for it’s lush green landscapes and breathtaking coasts.  But much of that natural beauty is under threat because of careless human deeds.  Many Irish communities are facing problems of fly tipping, otherwise known as the illegal dumping of waste and trash.  Fly tipping has cost local governments and private citizens... Read More

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