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  • China Using Drones to Try and Locate a Missing Leopard That Escaped From a Local Zoo

    Biologists have estimated that leopards once roamed wildly over 13.5 million square miles throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. In a study carried out by a consortium of scientists in 2016, that range has been reduced to only 3.3 million square miles. Poaching for the leopard’s unique pelt and habitat loss has led to... Read More

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  • Lady Veterans Connect (LVC) and Dynamic Drone Solution (DDS) Training Veterans to Fly Drones

    The United States of America Armed Forces has close to 1.3 million Active Duty members. In November of 2014, the Department of Defense published a paper entitled Enabling Collaborative Support to Reintegrate the Military Family that states, “Around 200,000 service members have separated from the Active Duty each year during the previous few years and... Read More

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  • Local Drone Groups are a Fun Way to Learn About New Drones and Meet New People Who are Interested in Drone Technology

    A little over a decade ago, the average American household didn’t think much about drones. In the minds of many, drones were tools used by the military to gain a superior tactical advantage. Around that same time, scientists and researchers were beginning to recognize the possibilities afforded to them with drone technology. There was also... Read More

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  • Kroger Supermarkets Plan to Begin Implementing Drone Deliveries

    When Amazon launched its Prime services in 2005 with the benefits of free two day shipping, there was a dramatic shift in how consumers shopped. People could get what they needed rapidly from the comfort of their homes. It wasn’t long until next day delivery became available in certain locations leading to even more people... Read More

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  • The US Military To Begin Using Drones To Monitor For Enemy Drones

    Drones being used by the military is not a new concept. The United States Armed Forces began using drones during World War II in 1939. From that time on, drone research and development were primarily for military use. During Desert Storm in the early 1990’s, the United States relied on drones heavily for surveillance. Over... Read More

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  • Photographer Using Drones to Capture Video of Great White Sharks

     According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an apex predator is “a predator at the top of a food chain that is not preyed upon by any other animal”. For decades, the great white shark has been considered the most fearsome apex predator of the oceans. In actuality, great white sharks come in second after orca... Read More

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  • Amazon Prime Video Using Drones To Help Promote New Series, “Without Remorse”

     Over the last decade, more and more Americans have cut the cord. Not the cord that connects children to their parents, but the cord connecting paying customers to cable television. Millions of customers have cut the cord from pay-TV companies like Comcast and AT&T. The majority of Americans now subscribe to entertainment streaming services.... Read More

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  • Gravity Industries Creates Real Life “Rocketeer” Flying Jet Pack

     As an homage to the Saturday matinee serial heroes of the 1930s-1950s, Dave Stevens created the fictional comic book hero the Rocketeer in 1982. In 1991, Walt Disney Studios developed the character into a studio film. The story is set in Los Angeles, CA in 1938. The main character, a stunt pilot named Cliff... Read More

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