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  • The United Kingdom Investing Heavily In the Drone Industry

    The United Kingdom’s 2017 Higher Education And Research Act led to the establishment of the government allocated United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI), a conglomeration of nine departmental agencies into one unified organization. As stated on UKRI’s website, “Our mission is to convene, catalyze and invest in close collaboration with others to build a thriving,... Read More

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  • Canada Working on New Laws to Help the Drone Industry Prosper

    In the early 2000’s, there really weren’t any regulations on drone operations. At that time, drones were expensive military tools not available to the public. Non-military drones were part of DIY build kits found next to model airplanes in hobby stores. By 2010, hobby drones were slowly becoming more popular while some researchers began to... Read More

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  • Drone Company “Manna” Delivering Food, Phones, and More

     In the story of Exodus, when the Israelites were wandering through the desert, manna miraculously appeared to save them from starvation. The word manna has gone on to refer to the appearance of food or help in any unexpected but needed situation. When looking for a name for his new drone delivery company in... Read More

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  • Drone Companies Working Hard To Extend Flight Times

     Athletes like Terry Vaughn and Mike Spitz both famously said in interviews that records were made to be broken. The Guinness Book of World Records holds the record for being the best-selling copyrighted book of all time, proving just how much people around the world love to break and set new records. With the... Read More

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  • NASA Launches a Drone On Mars

    One of President John F. Kennedy’s most ambitious goals was to see the United States of America lead a crewed mission to the moon. Though he was not alive to witness it, his dream came true when the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle landed on the moon on June 20, 1969. Less than 7 hours later,... Read More

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  • United Kingdom’s “Silicon Valley” Embracing the Drone Industry

    In 1971, journalist Don Hoefler, coined the term Silicon Valley in an article he wrote about the rapidly growing technology companies in the southern San Fransisco Bay Area of California. With the support of local universities, particularly Stanford University, venture capitalists, and backing from the United States Department of Defense, Silicon Valley soon became the... Read More

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  • Police Departments Across the United States Adopting Drone Programs And Saving Lives With Them

    In 2016, the Chula Vista Police Department in California began researching a drone program. The FAA designated them as the first officially sanctioned police department to implement a drone unit. Soon after, the New York City Police Department, the largest police department in the world, purchase 14 DJI drones in 2018. Slowly, law enforcement agencies... Read More

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  • Autonomous Land Drone Being Used by Domino’s Pizza For Home Deliveries

     The past year has been filled with uncertainty because of the global spread of COVID-19. When looking at all of the modern advances we have achieved, it is hard to come to terms with how the coronavirus was not only able to spread so rampantly, but that it took so long to begin getting... Read More

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