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  • The LAPD Is Now Using Drones To Apprehend Suspects

    Local police departments are now using drones to help them in life threatening situations. The LAPD used a drone in this manner for the first time when they deployed it to spy on a suspect whom they believed was hiding out in a second floor apartment. They sent the small drone to hover outside the... Read More

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  • Easing Regulations For Flying Drones

    The Department of Transportion implements tough regulations for flying drones in order to keep everyone safe. But now they are choosing to relax some of those regulations. They recently proposed changes to the rule book which will allow drone operators to fly over people and at night without the need of a special license.  Commercial... Read More

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  • Hybrid Drone With Bird-Like Legs Designed for Easy Take off and Landings

    The function of a drone is usually limited by its design. The drones that can deliver heavy payloads over long distances must have fixed wings to give them strength and speed but that means that they are limited in where they can take off from and land. Drones that are designed to take off and... Read More

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  • Rwanda’s Flexible Drone Regulations

    Local laws are very strict about how you can fly drones. In most cases, they have to be flown within the operator’s line of sight and operators are only allowed to oversee one drone at a time. There is no arguing that safety is important, but these extreme regulations are sometimes limiting how much drones... Read More

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  • Pollinating Trees With Drones

    A startup called Dropcopter from Syracues, NY has designed a drone specifically for pollinating fruit trees. The drone has six motors and it has been used to successfully pollinate trees on cherry, almond and apple orchards in multiple states. The startup aims to be more effective than bees. Using unguided insects to pollinate orchards comes... Read More

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  • Two Passenger Drone Recently Revealed at Auto Show in Detroit

     Earlier this week, the Workhorse Group, a Columbus, Ohio based startup showed off a drone-like craft with a 2 person passenger compartment at the North American Auto Show in the city of Detroit, MI. Named the SureFly Octocopter, the craft is largely computer controlled, unlike a helicopter which requires a highly trained pilot to... Read More

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  • Iowa Researchers Use Drones to Detect Harmful Algae Blooms in Water

    A team of researchers from the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa plans on deploying drones to monitor water quality and safety more effectively. This new remote-sensing drone is specifically aimed at improving the detection of harmful algae blooms (when algae grows naturally fast) in Iowa’s water. The blooms have been found to... Read More

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  • Drone Technology is the Future of Space Exploration on Saturn’s Moon Titan

    According to sources, NASA is planning a mission to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Believe it or not, a drone will be utilized in taking part of this historical space exploration mission. The drone, which has been given the name Dragonfly, has been developed by some of the world’s best engineers. According to experts, Dragonfly promises... Read More

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  • Neighbors Complaining About the Sound of Drones

    Drone deliveries may become a convenient way to get packages across town. They may be used to fly directly to the target’s location without having to deal with traffic and the pilot doesn’t even have to leave home. Many deliveries in the future will be made using drones but the technology is experiencing a new... Read More

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  • Nottingham Researchers Show How Drones Can Help Monitor Climate Change

    A new study aimed at assessing the impact of woody vines, called lianas, on the global carbon balance has been published earlier this month in the “Journal of Applied Ecology”. The article helps to shed some new light on climate change. Using a lightweight, commercially available drone and camera, a team of researchers at the... Read More

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