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  • Drones Are Being Used by Researchers to Monitor Marine Life

    Jordan Lerma is a 26 year old drone pilot and self taught marine scientist who was born in Hawaii. He worked for a time in San Francisco in the finance sector before moving back home to Hawaii. Upon his return, his love of nature was reignited. He has captured many amazing videos and photos with... Read More

  • Emergency Drones Used In Water Rescue Operations

    Drones are quickly becoming mainstream in both marine and offshore industries. Drones were initially used for filming aerial videos, but today, they are being used in new and exciting ways. DJI, a top drone manufacturer noted that they are moving into the field of onshore and offshore search and rescue operations. To show how common... Read More

  • Farmers Are Using Drones To Pollinate Their Crops

    As bee populations decline, scientists and farmers are looking for a solution that will help with pollination. Recently, a New York tech firm assisted the agricultural industry in a major way. They helped a local apple farm in Lafayette pollinate 300 acres of crops. They got help from a startup company called Dropcopter which used... Read More

  • Drones Are The Future of Aviation and Many More Industries

    With the increase in drone technology, drone taxis might soon become common. The current direction of flight technology is clearly pointing in the direction of unmanned flight. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) also known as drones offer a huge benefit to our economy and society. Drones will help improve many industries. They will change how deliveries... Read More

  • Drone Firefighters Set to Help Battle Summer Fires

    For some states, summer unfortunately means fire season. ScanEagle is a drone created by a company called Insitu which is one of the first drones being used to fight fires on a large scale in Oregon. During the recent Eagle Creek fire, ScanEagle flew over the fire zones for about 66 hours in total, over... Read More

  • JD Starts Drone Deliveries in Rural China

    The world’s first operational drone delivery program is live in China. While Amazon has promoted its drone delivery plans for years now, it has still not started commercial deliveries. Amazon most likely won’t start drone delivery until 2020 or when the rules and regulations for flying drones are upgraded. In the meantime, the Chinese company,... Read More

  • Commercial Drones Helping With Inspections

    Inspections are an essential business process in many industries. Carrying out inspections is normally a dreaded task because of the cost and time it takes. It can sometimes result in a temporary halt in production as well as unexpected delays.  Inspections can also be a dangerous activity that require people to risk their lives. Now... Read More

  • Drones Rescue Residents From Hawaii Eruption

    Drones have become much more than just fun toys to fly around.  They are being used in emergency situations such as search and rescue operations.  Recently, new uses are being discovered for drones that seem like they are straight out of a movie. Earlier this week, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) used a drone... Read More

  • Artists Are Now Creating Artwork With Drones

    While Leonardo Da Vinci was painting his master piece “The Mona Lisa”, he was also creating a book called The Flight Of Birds. The Flight of Birds is a 35,000 word book that showed how man could one day control flight. Da Vinci illustrated his work with diagrams that showed a simple flying machine, plus... Read More

  • South African Government to Use Drones on Construction Sites

    South Africa construction workers who may have thought about breaking the law, should think twice. They will now be monitored by drones. The Department of Infrastructure Development at Gauteng, launched a fleet of drones that will be used to monitor construction projects to make sure all employees are following the law. The first drone was... Read More

  • Startup at MSU Uses Drones to Boost Rural Internet Access

    Conor Ferguson, a recent graduate of the Mississippi State University Engineering Department has lead a team of students and alumni to create a company that can help improve internet reception in rural areas through out the world. They named their company WISPr Systems, which is now valued at $2 million. WISPr Systems offers wireless connectivity... Read More

  • Researchers Develop Fly-Size Drone

     A group of researchers at a U.S university have built the first ever wireless fly sized drone that is capable of flying into areas where regular drones are inaccessible.  It’s call RoboFly, and is a major technological development in the drone industry.   It was created by members of the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Autonomous... Read More

  • Delivery Drone Program in Ohio to Handle Package Delivery From Vans

    Many companies such as Amazon, Airbus and many more have been planning drones deliveries for sometime now, while a small group are actually doing it. A company called Workhorse Group is currently carrying out drone deliveries in Loveland, Ohio.  They are delivering package on a small scale and have partnered up with the Federal Aviation... Read More

  • Autry State Prison Uses Drone Detection System to Stop Contraband

     Drones have become a major problem around prisons and jails as ways to deliver contraband into the hands of inmates.  Autry State Prison in Hartfield Jackson has implemented a drone detection system to spot approaching drones to prevent them from flying into their restricted airspace. Clay Nix, a director of Georgia department of corrections,... Read More

  • Training With Virtual Reality to Learn How to Fly Drones

    Researchers at MIT have developed a new virtual reality drone training system that allows operators to experience a virtual environment during flight training operations. The research team calls the virtual reality drone system “Flight Goggles”. The development of this new technology can significantly decrease the number of drone accidents experienced during training sessions. This also... Read More

  • Drone Operators Earn 90% Less as The Industry Gets More Competitive

    Back in 2015, drone photography was a relatively new concept. Because of this, finding a drone operator who could take high quality photographs was not so simple. It’s easy to understand how drone operators like Andy Trench were able to make upwards of $2,000 a day. Trench, using a custom drone that he created, found... Read More

  • Canadians Plan to Use Drones For Planting Seeds

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) also known as drones, may soon have a new role to play in the landscaping industry in Canada. The Canadian Forest Service has decided to test out drones for planting trees. The goal is to use drones to replant forests that have been devastated by wildfires.  The Canadian Forest Service Edmonton... Read More

  • Memphis Drone Tests Can Boost the Economy

    Memphis airport was recently selected as part of the national drone testing program.  Memphis International Airport is a Class B airspace and one of the most regulated and busiest airports to be chosen by the FAA for drone testing.  President and chief executive officer of Memphis-Shelby county airport authority, Scott Brockman stated that this could... Read More

  • Israeli Company Develops Self-Flying Drones For Mining Companies

    Ran Krauss and Meir Kliner are two Israeli entrepreneurs who decided to find a way to help miners, port managers and farmers get intelligent data about their businesses. They started a company in Israel called Airobotics that manufactures self-flying drones. Since 2014, the company has been operational 24-hours a day. Their drones are providing their... Read More

  • Caltech Researchers Learning About Drones and Wind

     If you’ve ever flown a drone on a windy day, then you already know firsthand how difficult it can be to operate one during powerful winds.  It’s very plausible that in the near future, our airspace will be cluttered with drones. But how can we prevent them from crashing when the weather conditions turn... Read More

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