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  • Thermal Imaging Drones Are Saving Lives in Diverse Missions 

    Thermal imaging technology has long been associated with the need to inspect electric power grids.  Thermal imaging cameras allow field inspectors to identify subtle temperature changes and evidence of “delamination” – or splitting and fraying – in power lines that could prefigure an outage or spark a raging fire.  Grid inspections are laborious, expensive and... Read More

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  • Airobotics is Pioneering Drone Fleet Operations in Dubai

    For years, UAV operators have deployed a single drone to perform a dedicated mission in a specific niche – for example, retail delivery or infrastructure inspection – usually on behalf of a single client in a geographically limited area and within the drone operator’s visual line of sight. Until now, a combination of regulatory and... Read More

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  • In Guam, Drones Are Being Used to Reseed Devastated Landscapes

    Landscapes the world over are suffering the ravages of man-made and natural disasters, leaving vast productive forests and farmland devastated and devoid of their full potential.  In Guam, researchers have begun turning to sensor-equipped drones to carry out a massive reseeding of these near-desert “badlands” – and it’s beginning to make a difference. While field... Read More

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  • Matternet Continues to Surge Ahead of the Drone Competition

    Matternet’s M2 cargo delivery drone was the first in the nation to receive a FAA Type Certificate in September 2022, followed closely by a Production Certificate in November 2022.  Last week, the Mountain View, CA-based drone company scored another regulatory victory when the FAA issued the company its second Type Certificate, this time for a... Read More

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  • Another European eVTOL Firm Has Joined the Rush to Commercialize Drone Taxis

    The long-stalled movement to commercialize drone passenger vehicles appears to be gaining fresh momentum.  The FAA, alarmed at the rate of progress of China-based EHang, has recently stepped up its approval of prototypes developed by two leading US companies, Archer Aviation and Joby.  Both companies received special airworthiness certificates over the summer, as did ALEF... Read More

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  • Zipline Will Deliver Medicines in Northeastern Ohio

    Cleveland Clinic, Northeastern Ohio’s leading primary care center, has just contracted Zipline, a South San Francisco-based drone company, to deliver specialty medicines to patients at a dozen of the center’s local health clinics.   Some of these patients live in remote semi-rural areas that are difficult to reach promptly with road vehicles, especially during inclement weather. ... Read More

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  • Drone-Friendly Arkansas Looks to Expand UAV Use in Agriculture

    Arkansas was tied for second in 2022 on the Virgina-based Mercatus Center’s annual scorecard of US states most ready to promote drone commerce.  This year the state jumped twenty points to #1, joining four other states that have established an executive-level task force to promote drone industrial development. The Bear State’s latest surge is hardly... Read More

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  • Thanks to Drone Deliveries, “The Mail Must Go Through” Is More Than Just a Slogan

    How do national postal services reach their customers living on remote, often difficult-to-reach islands?  Often with great difficulty – and indeed, sometimes just sporadically.  While governments are generally mandated by law to provide their citizens with regular mail delivery , weather and marine conditions can frequently intrude to delay and even derail ongoing postal service. ... Read More

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  • Could Drones Become Our Next-Generation “Storm Chasers”?

    Drones are well-known for providing compelling video footage of the devastation wreaked by extreme weather events, including tornadoes and hurricanes.  But can these same unmanned aircraft teach us more about how these storms develop, analyze their trajectory and help us limit the prospective damage?  Apparently, they can. Surface and underwater drones are already being used... Read More

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