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  • Drones Are Beginning to Have a Strong Presence In the Construction Industry

    With nearly 7 million workers employed by more than 733,000 agencies, the US construction industry is valued at around $1.4 trillion. Because of COVID19, projects were delayed, materials like lumber became difficult to access, and employment rates dropped. However, projectors expect the construction industry to make a full rebound. Throughout this trying time, ongoing construction... Read More

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  • Home Goods Store, Wilko, To Have Automated Drone Deliveries by 2023

    In 1930, James Kemsey Wilkinson founded Wilkinson Cash Stores in Leicester, England. Known today as Wilko, the family owned stores continue to be the go-to location for home goods with 420 locations throughout the UK. One of the keys to Wilko’s success is listening to what their customer’s needs are. In the early 2000’s, this... Read More

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  • Norway Begins Using Unique Drone to Inspect Railway Tracks

     Europe is crisscrossed by hundreds of thousands of railways. The European railway system is critical for the connectivity of the continent for both commuter travel and the transportation of freight. Each country within the EU is responsible for maintaining these railways. It can be a massive undertaking to ensure that all tracks are in... Read More

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  • Drones Now Transporting Defibrillators To Cardiac Emergencies

    Drones have become vital tools for saving human lives. One of the main ways drones are being used to save lives is in the field of search and rescue. From a bird’s eye point of view, a drone can allow a rescue team to search vast areas in record time. Drones can even be equipped... Read More

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  • Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) Now Using Drones

    In 1995, Governor of Michigan John Engler ushered in a new state department to oversee environmental issues. With an average annual budget of $500 million, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has developed a reputation for being one of the most effective state environmental agencies in the United States. As stated... Read More

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  • FAA Hosts the 3rd National Drone Awareness Safety Week (NDSAW)

    While drones have been a part of the public and commercial domain for nearly 10 years now, they are still a newly emerging industry. As the demand for drones has increased, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has had to quickly write new regulations to ensure drones are safely incorporated into shared air space. True, there... Read More

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  • Police Force of Kingston Ontario, Using Drones to Help Locate Missing People and More

    On December 20, 1841, the Common Council of Kingston, Ontario established the Police Force of Kingston (PFK) under the guiding principle of “the preservation of good order and the public morals therein.” As one of the oldest Canadian police services, PFK strives to live up to its founding member’s hopes for the community. But as... Read More

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  • Students In Cambodia Create a Drone Taxi Using Materials Found Around Their School

     In the mid 1980’s, MacGyver was one of the most popular television shows. When presented with a challenge, MacGyver would apply his extensive knowledge of physical sciences to build a solution using whatever mundane tools he found around him. The term “MacGyver” has since gone on to describe anyone who solves a problem by... Read More

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  • Drone Racing League Teaming Up With Blockchain Cryptocurrency Company Algorand

     When Nicholas Horbaczewski founded the Drone Racing League (DRL) out of New York in 2015, he was faced with much skepticism. Many believed that drone racing was just a fad for backyard hobbyists. But with an MBA in Business from Harvard and the experience of helping Tough Mudder become a mainstream extreme sport, Nicholas... Read More

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