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  • Lessons from a Friendly Drone Search-and-Rescue (SAR) Competition

    Search and rescue (SAR) is one of the most popular and widely practiced drone missions.  Law enforcement agencies love to tout their SAR successes, in part to dispel the idea that they are engaged in routine surveillance or other sometimes controversial activities.  But private drone fliers are also active in SAR missions, sometimes as volunteers,... Read More

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  • Another Skydio Niche: Industrial Fire Suppression

    Hayward, CA-based Skydio, a recognized pioneer in the UAV indoor inspection market, is rapidly moving into a number of new commercial niches.  One important new niche for the company is industrial fire-fighting.  Skydio’s developed a state-of-the art tandem drone system for controlling difficult-to-manage industrial fires that may result from oil, gas and chemical leaks and... Read More

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  • Israel’s Agriculture Drone Expertise is Spreading Worldwide

    Despite its small size, Israel has one of the most advanced agricultural sectors in the world.  And like other farming countries, Israel faces a shortage of agricultural labor at a time when production is booming.  How can Israel close the gap? With a wide array of robotic technologies – including drones. Israeli agricultural engineers are... Read More

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  • Drones Can Detect Methane Emissions in the Fight Against Global Warming

    Scientists have discussed the possibility of deploying drones to detect methane gas emissions – a major source of global warming – for well over two years.  A seminal study published by the American Chemical Society in 2021 found that sensor-equipped aerial drones would likely be a “valuable complement” to ground-based detection systems.  Since 2019, a... Read More

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  • Drone Light Shows Are Becoming More Sophisticated and Popular Than Ever

     For many Americans, especially children, fireworks displays are a quintessential part of an annual holiday celebration – especially the Fourth of July.  The sight and sound of rockets exploding and soaring across the night sky are a visceral reminder of the nation’s battle for its freedom and independence.  Cities and towns spend enormous sums... Read More

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  • Japan Turns to Drones to Speed Wind Turbine Inspections

    Wind power accounts for 7% of the world’s electricity and about 2% of the world’s energy.  While the overall share is rising, it needs to expand much faster if the globe is to meet its Paris Agreement 2030 sustainability goals.  Among the world’s nations, China, the United States and India are still the world’s leaders,... Read More

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  • SkyX’s State-of-the-Art Hybrid Drones Could Transform Pipeline Inspections

    Oil and gas companies employ a variety of tools to inspect their pipelines to prevent leaks and spills and to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations. Inspection gauges, SCADA control systems, fiber-optic cables, small manned aircraft and ground teams are all useful for giving companies in-depth pipeline spot checks to mitigate a potential disaster,   But these... Read More

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  • Is the Public Warming to Expanded Drone Use?

    Is the public at large warming to expanded drone use? While a growing number of government agencies and commercial industries are deploying unmanned aerial vehicles in an ever-increasing number of applications – from public safety to construction, mining and real estate – ordinary citizens still aren’t sure whether they want drones filling the nation’s airspaces.... Read More

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