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  • Scientists In Hawaii Using Drones to Search for Near Extinct Plants and Flowers

    Geologically speaking, the Hawaiian islands are relatively new. They were formed by volcanic eruptions only 70 million years ago, compared to the 200 million years it has been since the formation of North America when Pangea drifted apart. But, over the millennia, Hawaii has been a unique landmass that has been continually changing while remaining... Read More

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  • More Emergency and Police Departments Using Drones to Help Find Missing or Lost People

    Search and rescue missions are regrettably common for law enforcement and fire rescue agencies in mountainous areas, especially if you’re located in a hiker’s dream destination like Perinton, New York. Home to numerous trails and breathtaking views, there’s no wonder it was nominated by the American Hiking Society as a “Trail Town USA.” But for... Read More

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  • Criminals Using Drones to Deliver Contraband to Inmates in Prison

    Yellow Labs are one of the most popular breeds in America, known as great family dogs who are friendly and loyal. But their roots are in fishing and hunting, which is why they are often trained as detection dogs for police forces and other agencies.  Hazel isn’t exactly the hunting type she’s more of a... Read More

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  • Israeli Technology Company, Asio, Creates NavGuard, Allowing Drones to Fly Safely Regardless of Their Signal

    Military services are so ingrained in the culture of the country, it comes as no surprise that Israel is also home to some of the most influential corporations that support the military industry. In 2002 former IDF (Israel Defense Forces) officers and commanders Yaniv and Tomer Malchi founded Asio Technologies to serve parliamentary and defensive... Read More

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  • Cincinnati, Ohio Police Force and Swat Team Now Using Drones

    In the summer of 2017, the City Administration of Cincinnati, OH, announced its initiative to establish Cincinnati as the city with one of the smartest municipal platforms. Some of the Smart City Initiative projects were plans to deliver broadband 5G networks to support the city’s infrastructure, apps for citizens to communicate with municipal offices, smart... Read More

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  • Photographer Using His Drone to Capture Great White Sharks

     Great white sharks are one of the most misunderstood creatures on Earth. Found in the coastal waters of all major oceans, great whites can grow up to 20ft long and weigh up to 5,000lbs with an estimated 70 year lifespan. Due to habitat disturbance, climate change, hunting, and misconceptions about great whites, their populations... Read More

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  • Community Colleges Offering Drone Courses at Affordable Rates

    Countries like Germany and Norway have been setting the bar for providing the highest quality education in the world. Teachers are well paid and respected and work in schools with an unparalleled student to teacher ratio. This commitment to excellence in education extends beyond primary and secondary schools to university levels. Both Germany and Norway... Read More

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  • India Embracing Drone Technology

    Over the last year and a half, the majority of drone related news coming out of India had to do with drones being used in conflicts along the India, China, Pakistan border. Marking a change of pace and progress, drones started being used in a more publicly beneficial manner in the summer of 2021 in... Read More

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  • Hyundai Motor Company Working on a Hydrogen Powered Trailer Drone

     The world needs to find long term alternate fuel sources. Fossil fuels, our primary energy source, are nonrenewable and harming the environment. President Biden has begun a campaign that will see some of the United State’s energy sources transferred to wind farms. Meanwhile, in South Korea, the government has committed to exploring the use... Read More

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