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  • Your Torso May be the Ultimate Drone Controller

     Drones are usually flown using a remote control. While most drone operators are able to control drones easily, there have been many complaints where some people find it too hard or even impossible to control and operate drones. This can be a problem since the chances of a drone surviving a crash are minimal,... Read More

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  • Boeing Planning to Use AI and Blockchain Technology to Track Drones

    Drone technology is moving at an incredible pace, whereas regulations at a federal and state level continue to move slowly. Drone regulations is a large job with many different aspects to take into consideration.  No one wants to be held accountable for a drone accident, so it’s important that rules and regulations are put into... Read More

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  • Insurance Companies Using Drones to Inspect Property Claims

    After the 2017 hurricanes, insurance companies started using drones to inspect property claims. One year later, while some insurance companies are still in the testing stage of their drone programs, others have already began using drones and even rely on them as a key part of their claim inspections. State Farm became the first US... Read More

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  • Intel Puts On A New Amazing Drone Light Show For Their 50th Anniversary

     In the world of drone light shows, Intel has been the leader. During Intel’s 50th anniversary celebration, they flew 2,018 Shooting Star drones above Folsom, California breaking their previous World Record for most drones flown simultaneously. Intel had set the previous world record during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea... Read More

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  • Space Drones to Help Revive Dying Satellites

    There are many countries, organizations, and private companies conducting various space explorations. This has mainly been fueled by the curiosity to discover what lies outside our planet and to help answer one of humankind’s oldest mysteries… is there life outside of earth? While this is a huge step in the right direction for humanity, space... Read More

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  • Drones to be Used to Monitor Beaches for Sharks

    Following a recent incident where two children were bitten by sharks while swimming in the waters off of Fire Island, NY, drones have been monitoring Babylon’s Moses State Park and Wantagh’s Jones Beach in Long Island, NY. The drones will be flying along the Atlantic Ocean coast regularly to protect swimmers from sharks that may... Read More

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  • New Plans to Stop Deadly Swarms of Drones

    One of the newest threats that the Pentagon is facing, is swarms of drones that are designed to destroy any target they are programmed to attack. Criminals around the world have started using swarms of civilian drones to gather surveillance, target individuals, even going as far as to drop explosives. This is a worrying trend... Read More

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  • Open Source Collaboration to Improve Drone Technology

    Ardupilot, an open source unmanned vehicle software provider, is often developed in hobbyist shops, garages, and basements with many of them located in Australia. Surprisingly, many drone enthusiasts have not heard of Ardupilot, but they have likely seen the actual software in action. Developers such as Andrew Tridgell, a software engineer with an interest in... Read More

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  • Building Inspections Being Done By Drones

    An inspection of a building’s facade for defects is often a tedious process. It normally requires equipment such as lifts and ropes, and is a huge safety risk to the inspectors. Thanks to drones, inspecting a building can be done faster, easier, cheaper and much safer than ever before. New technology was invented by a... Read More

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  • Wearable Drone Jammer For Military Personnel

    A new wearable counter drone technology system is now available. The new device is called the Pitbull and was created by the company MyDefence. MyDefence creates counter drone technology which was started by a group of former military officers with experience in military operations and radio technology. The Pitbull, utilizes “smart jamming” to disrupt, enemy... Read More

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