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  • Using Drones To Fight Malaria

    Drone technologies are once again being called upon to aid in humanitarian causes. In this particular situation, drones are being used on the front lines of the fight against the mosquito borne disease, malaria. Malaria is a disease that causes a sickness that is similar in symptoms to the flu, which causes a quarter of... Read More

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  • NASA Working On Drones That Will Study The Planet Venus

    Over the next few years, NASA and other space exploration agencies hope to send missions to more planets in the Solar System. In addition to the studies that have already started on Mars, NASA plans to send a mission to Venus to learn more about the planet. The mission will involve a study of Venus’... Read More

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  • A Drone Was Possibly Used During A Prison Escape in France

    Recently, associates of notorious gangster, Redoine Faid from South Paris, France, hijacked a helicopter and flew it onto the grounds of the Reau prison. They then proceeded to use force to open a door to free the 46 year old.  According to the French justice ministry, the whole incident only took a few minutes.  The... Read More

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  • European Union Proposes New Drone Regulations

    Recently, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) came up with a proposal to regulate small civilian drones in European nations as part of the International Airport Review’s safety series. The proposal serves as the basis for the adoption of rules and regulations by the European Commission later this year. The proposal is a result of... Read More

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  • Ohio Plans to Use Drones to Study Highway Traffic

    The state of Ohio has given the green light to a new 3-year study that will test the feasibility of using a fleet of drones to monitor Ohio’s road systems. Put into motion by Governor John Kasich’s Innovation Center for New Technology, the study is expected to cost up to $5.9 million over 3 years... Read More

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  • Drones Used to Monitor Kilauea Volcano

    Drones have been proven to be useful not only as a tool for recording fun moments and film making, but also as a research tool that is helping scientists understand some of the unsolved mysteries in science. Due to their size and ability to be controlled remotely, drones can be used to capture images, footage,... Read More

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  • Drones To Replace 4th of July Firework Displays

     For a long time, organized Fireworks have been synonymous with holiday celebrations such as the 4th of July. But in this season of drought, some western American towns are abandoning this tradition for a more safer alternative…drone shows! The change has partly been inspired by beautifully choreographed drone shows such as the one from... Read More

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  • Amazon Patents Hijack Proof Delivery Drones

    Amazon, the largest online store aims to revolutionize their delivery services by using drones. As part of their new drone delivery technology, Amazon seeks to develop patents to make the delivery process as simple and easy as possible. Two years ago, the company filed a patent under “Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles.” The patent... Read More

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  • Drones Causing Problems for Firefighters Fighting Forest Fires

    In the past decade, drones have grown a lot in popularity mainly due to the increasing number of manufacturers making high-quality drones that are both affordable and easy to use. As a result, there are currently millions of drone owners all around the world. In most countries, anyone who can afford a drone is allowed... Read More

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  • China’s New Drones Look Exactly like Real Birds

     In another example of China using the latest technology to spy on its citizens’ lives, the Chinese government has recently started testing drones that look like birds. The purpose of these small drones is simple. To go unnoticed while observing its citizens. Reports indicate that the drones have been deployed for testing in several... Read More

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