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  • WADI Drone Company Creates a Specialized Drone to Help Locate Water Leaks

    There is no denying that the world is facing rising temperatures, due to climate change. As we reach the peak of the summer season, shortages in water will lead to droughts and a large financial burden for many governments. People are urged to do their part in preventing water loss like making sure water faucets... Read More

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  • Team of Researchers Working On a Drone That Can Collect Biological Samples Expelled from Dolphin’s Blowholes

    Located in the central-southern portion of the United States, lies Oklahoma. The landscape stretches across the Great Plains and US Interior Highlands which contribute to frequent severe weather patterns. The Unmanned Systems Research Institute (USRI), directed by Professor Jamey Jacob at Oklahoma State University (OSU) has become well known for developing drone systems to be... Read More

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  • Drone Captures Video of the Devastation Caused by the Explosion in Beirut

     In the late afternoon on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, nine firefighters reported to Warehouse 12 at the Port of Beirut in response to a fire that had broken out when some workers had been doing some welding work. When they arrived on the scene, the firefighters could sense something was not quite right and... Read More

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  • Researchers Are Using Drones to Calibrate Telescopes

    When looking up to the night sky, the universe can seem to go on forever. It is so vast that instead of measuring in miles it is measured in light-years. From what is observable, cosmologists estimate the universe to reach 93 billion light-years. There is still so much to be learned about the wonders of... Read More

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  • UNICEF Using Drones to Deliver Vaccines to Isolated Villages Around the World

    When the United Nations established the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund in 1947 (UNICEF), it’s goal was to protect and support the children of the world. As stated on their website, “UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential,... Read More

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  • Singer Aurora Used Drones In Her Music Video “Winter Bird”

     Growing up in the woodlands of the Os Mountains in Norway, a secluded Narnia like environment, singer Aurora had always been fascinated with humans and nature and how they interact with each other. Many of the songs she has written, like Runaway and Running Wih the Wolves, examine this relationship. As she ventured out... Read More

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  • 2 Teams of Students Working on Ways to Fly Drones Only Using One Hand

     Using drones has simplified greatly over the years. For the most part, they are controlled with remote control, similar to a video game controller, or a touch screen smart app. Pretty much anyone can pick up a drone and fly it. If you can play a video game or a game on a phone... Read More

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