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  • Firefighters Are Using Drones To Catch Illegal Firework Displays

    New privacy concerns emerged after a fire department used drones to oversee 4th of July celebrations.  The Bakersfield Fire Department, used drones to fly over residential areas to search for illegal fireworks. This year they went all out to ensure that no illegal fireworks were used, even going as far as sending out 38 enforcement... Read More

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  • Mexican City Uses Drones to Successfully Reduce Crime

    Drones have been all over the news recently for both good and bad reasons. Fortunately, there seems to be more positive news about them. In Mexico, a single drone has helped reduce the crime rate in the city of Ensenada by 10%. The drone has taken to the skies, patrolling the city for several months... Read More

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  • Drone Successfully Finds Missing Man

    Peter Pugh, a 75 year old publishing company owner, recently got lost while on a walk with friends at Brancaster Beach. He was found alive and in pretty good health 20 hours later by a drone! Pugh, tried to take a shortcut home and went missing after he became separated from his group. He fell... Read More

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  • The US Navy Develops Robotic Ships For Launching Drones

    Researchers from Atlantic University (FAU) in Florida and The U.S. Navy have developed robotic boats from which drones can be launched in order to protect U.S. coastal waters. Their goal was to create a system that can reliably and safely navigate the coast with a high level of precision and protection. The FAU will create... Read More

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  • MIT Researchers Create Miniature Drones

    Last year, researchers at MIT created a miniature computer chip designed to help bug sized drones fly. Now, they have reduced the size of the chip and its power consumption even further. Associate professor, Vivienne Sze, at MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and her team have created an innovative new chip... Read More

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  • Drones Are Being Used by Researchers to Monitor Marine Life

    Jordan Lerma is a 26 year old drone pilot and self taught marine scientist who was born in Hawaii. He worked for a time in San Francisco in the finance sector before moving back home to Hawaii. Upon his return, his love of nature was reignited. He has captured many amazing videos and photos with... Read More

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  • Emergency Drones Used In Water Rescue Operations

    Drones are quickly becoming mainstream in both marine and offshore industries. Drones were initially used for filming aerial videos, but today, they are being used in new and exciting ways. DJI, a top drone manufacturer noted that they are moving into the field of onshore and offshore search and rescue operations. To show how common... Read More

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  • Farmers Are Using Drones To Pollinate Their Crops

    As bee populations decline, scientists and farmers are looking for a solution that will help with pollination. Recently, a New York tech firm assisted the agricultural industry in a major way. They helped a local apple farm in Lafayette pollinate 300 acres of crops. They got help from a startup company called Dropcopter which used... Read More

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  • Researchers Train Artificial Intelligent Drones to Identify Violent Behavior In Crowds

     Automated surveillance drones will become more common as researchers and companies discover new ways to use machine learning to analyze live video footage. A recent project from experts in India and the UK show one possible use for this new technology, which is identifying violent people in crowds using drones equipped with cameras and... Read More

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  • Drones Are The Future of Aviation and Many More Industries

    With the increase in drone technology, drone taxis might soon become common. The current direction of flight technology is clearly pointing in the direction of unmanned flight. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) also known as drones offer a huge benefit to our economy and society. Drones will help improve many industries. They will change how deliveries... Read More

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