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  • During Covid-19, Drone Popularity Grows As Industries and Individuals Increase their Use of Drones

    Since the middle of March of 2020, when lock down and quarantine measures began in response to the coronavirus pandemic, retailers throughout the United States of America have suffered major financial blows. Unemployment rates are down at around 13%, the highest the rates have been since the Great Depression. Still, some retailers who support e-commerce... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Map Out and Monitor Volcanoes

    There are over 1,000 potentially active volcanoes above sea level on Earth, with far more spreading along the ocean floors. Of these above ground volcanoes, 500 of them have erupted during recorded historical time. Volcanologists categorize volcanoes into three categories based on their activity as active or potentially active, dormant or inactive, or extinct. One... Read More

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  • Professor Davide Scaramuzza From the University of Zurich, Making Incredible Advancements in Autonomous Drones

    Ranked as the 58th best university globally and the number one school in Switzerland, the University of Zurich has become a leader in the fields of robotics, especially drones. Led by Professor Davide Scaramuzza, the Robotics and Perception Group (a sub-branch of the Departments of Informatics and Neuroinformatics) has been making some incredible advancements in... Read More

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  • Native American Tribe, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Fully Embracing Drone Technology For Agricultural Use

    The field of aviation is constantly growing to meet the needs of the world. Within this field, drones are the fastest growing sector of aviation. Each day, more and more people are using drones for both recreational and commercial purposes. Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Elaine L. Chao has appointed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)... Read More

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  • US Military Testing Out New Future Vertical Lift Drones

    Using drones for military operations is not a new concept. Military organizations were the first groups to utilize widespread drone programs. For many around the world, when they hear about drones, they immediately think of those used by the military. In the early 1990’s, the world was fully introduced to the capabilities of drones because... Read More

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  • Airports Using Drones to Inspect their Runways

    When it comes to the maintenance of airports, there is no room for error. A run down airport can lead to disastrous circumstances. Just under 7 miles southwest of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada is the Red Deer Regional Airport. A small airport that mainly caters to charter flights and general flights. In 2015 the airport... Read More

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