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  • Dubai Expo Shows Drones Controlled By The Brain

    The future is looking more like a Sci-fi movie as mind controlled drones are being developed. Hand controllers are on their way out and brain waves will be taking over.  Last week, the Global Education and Skills Forum was held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At the meeting, an Australian based organization known as... Read More

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  • Union Pacific is Using Drones to Monitor Railroad Employees

    Indian Railways began using drones at some of their most highly visited stations as a means of risk management and crowd control.  Now it’s the American company called Union Pacific that’s using drones to its advantage. The company is flying drones over its railroad sites to monitor its workers and find out if they are... Read More

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  • DJI Is Manufacturing 1,000 Industrial Drones

     Dji is a major drone manufacturer and recently they have branched into commercial drones. They are building 1000 custom drones based on the Matrice 100, which is a high end commercial quadcopter.  These drones are being manufactured in collaboration with software from Skycatch and are being produced for Komatsu, a Japanese construction company. Skycatch... Read More

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  • Kenyan Government Legalizes Drones For Personal and Commercial Use

    Kenya is one of the first African countries to make flying a drone legal. So long as operators fly within the rules set by the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authorities (KCAA) the Kenyan government says they’ll have no problem.  The government will start issuing licenses for drones flown by organizations and private citizens. This exercise will... Read More

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  • Latest Amazon Drone Patent Includes Gesture Recognition

    Amazon’s most current technology investment will enable drones to read hand gestures.  Amazon.com was recently granted a new patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to develop a drone which can be used for delivery and also respond to human gestures. Amazon has shown its desire to produce a fleet of drones that... Read More

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  • Walmart Files Patent For Shopping Cart Drones

    Walmart recently filed several patents that mentioned drones. One of the patents comprises of technologies that could change the way people shop at Walmart. For example, a customer would be assisted by a personal shopping drone.  The patent will streamline customers in-store experience by using devices with sensors to create smart shopping carts that can... Read More

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  • Canadian Paramedics Use Drones For Emergency Response

     In Renfrew County, Ontario, some paramedics are doubling as drone pilots. They fly drones to help with emergency response calls from heart attack victims to auto accidents; particularly in remote locations.  Brian Leahey, a pilot and the deputy chief of the paramedic service explained that drones have expanded their reach into areas they could... Read More

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  • The Age of Drones is Quickly Approaching

    Despite significant regulatory hurdles in America, drone startups are rapidly increasing. The U.K. is surprisingly ahead of the United States in the regulation and deployment of drones.  Recently, Royal Mail announced its intention to join the drone bandwagon. The postal service provider wants to use drones to deliver mail to rural areas. This move will... Read More

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  • Latvia Tech Company Uses Drones to Lower The Cost of Clean Energy

    Latvia born startup, Aerones has created a drone that can help lower the cost of clean energy. It can help de-ice wind turbines and remove bugs from the blades.  The square-shaped device has several propellers including a nozzle to spray liquid on the surface of wind turbines while making a fast zig-zag motion. Earlier this... Read More

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  • Remote Identification for Drones Among Proposed Initiatives by FAA

    Officials from the FAA are pushing for stricter legislation to regulate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). Among the regulations being looked at include a national database for electronic identification of all drones. Targeting the Careless and the Criminal The new security initiatives are meant to bring order into the increasingly popular drone industry, especially the consumer... Read More

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