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Drone Photography Fort Wayne, IN

Once exclusively used by the aerospace and defense industry, drones are now being flown throughout the country for a range of commercial purposes.

Drone photography and videography services in particular are being utilized by different businesses across a range of industries, as more and more companies begin to understand the value of high-quality drone photos and videos.

At DroneVideos, we have a vast network of expert drone operators, and every one of them is insured, licensed, and experienced. So if you want the best drone photography in Fort Wayne, IN, look no further than DroneVideos.

What Are Commercial Drones Used For?


Many businesses require the kind of monitoring that only a drone can provide. Sure, a property can be outfitted with dozens of cameras, but only a drone can easily and conveniently photograph and record a property from above.

The construction, agriculture, leisure and hospitality, and real estate industries are just a few of the industries that use drones for their monitoring capabilities.

Surveying & Mapping

Commercial drones have revolutionized the ways in which surveying and mapping are conducted, which explains why they’re used by architects, engineers, farmers, insurance companies, developers, and many other professionals.

Since a drone can shoot from different altitudes, it can easily capture a property in its entirety, providing breathtaking images and videos of all the property’s unique features.


Golf courses, resorts, real estate brokerages, and many other businesses are using commercial drones to market their properties nowadays. High-quality drone videos can wow and entice consumers to come visit a property in person, and they can also help a business in the leisure and hospitality industry stand out from the competition.

How Our Process Works?

At DroneVideos, we’re proud to offer a simple, hassle-free, and affordable process.

Step One

Select the package you want, tell us the location you want filmed and photographed, and tell us the time at which you want the flight to take place. Also, send us any specific requirements. We’ll invite you to watch us work, but you don’t have to be present for filming.

Step Two

We’ll assign you one of our expert drone operators who’s in your area. Plus, we’ll send them all your requirements so they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Step Three

After the photos and videos have been taken, we’ll edit them to make sure they meet our high standards. Our CEO reviews every final cut before it’s sent out.

Step Four

We’ll send you the photos and videos in convenient formats so you can easily upload them to your social media channels. And if you want the content embedded into your landing page, we can help with this.

What Makes DroneVideos Different?

At, we only work with the best drone operators in the country. Every operator in our network is rigorously vetted before being brought on board, and they understand that customer satisfaction is our top concern here.

Why settle for amateur drone photography in Fort Wayne when you can easily hire an expert drone operator through DroneVideos for an affordable price?

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