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Kentucky Aerial Photography

Drone services have become essential in almost every sector. Aerial photography allows you to see your subject be it a construction site, real estate property, farm, or home, from a fresh perspective. But to get the highest quality videos and photos, you should hire We are the premier company offering quality aerial photography in Kentucky and nearby areas.

Our company has experienced Kentucky drone pilots who deliver 4k ultra HD quality videos and photos for individuals and businesses. We are available and can easily adapt to your busy schedule. We aim to use our services to take impressive photos and videos that will capture the attention of your potential customers or capture special memories of an event. We offer different drone services.

Aerial Photography

We have trained and certified photographers using premium drones to capture quality photos of a property, home, construction site, event, or any other object. Whether you want to capture the memories of an event or want quality photos for advertising purposes, our Kentucky aerial photography team will help you.

Drone Video Service

In some cases, aerial photos may not be enough. You need to take quality drone videos to boost your marketing efforts or capture the best moments of an event. We offer reliable drone services in Kentucky. You can count on our team because we use advanced cameras and drones to record or take stunning 4K HD format videos to serve any purpose.

Inspection Services

If you want to inspect your roof, farm, or any aspect of your construction project, we got your back. We have inspection drones that can be used in almost every industry for inspection purposes. Our drones can inspect hard-to-reach areas to provide accurate and minor details that can easily be missed by a human eye or amateur photographers.

How Our Kentucky Drone Services Work

If you need our Kentucky drone services, you should contact us. Once you call us, we would like to know about your project and what you want to achieve at the end of the project. Once our team understands what you want, we will schedule an appropriate time for taking the photos and videos. After taking photos and videos, you can then download them in 24 hours.

Different Industries We Work In

We offer aerial photography services in Kentucky to almost every industry. Here are the main industries and businesses we help.

Commercial Real Estate

You need quality photos and videos of your commercial property to improve the appeal of your listings. Our quality photos and videos will present your commercial real estate business as the better option on the market, which translates to more potential buyers showing interest and better offers for your properties.


Our aerial photography and videography services can help you have a valuable record of your construction projects. It can help you make improvements and keep the builders on the right track. You may also need videos or photos to attract investors or even get loans from financial institutions.

Roof Inspections and Much More

Drones have come to make roof inspection easier and safer than traditional ways. Our drones can help inspect steep roofs, flat commercial roofs, and other types of roofs. The inspection is more accurate and will allow you to see the real state of your roof. We also offer drone services for other industries and can cover events.

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