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Drone Photography New Orleans

With a drone service, you can see beyond the usual constraints and see what’s happening in your world from an aerial view. It allows you to see things from a new perspective and inspire creativity. Whether you’re looking to create a unique image for your website or capture the interest of your audience, we have the right package for you.

Drone Photography

Drone Videos provides professional photographers with drones equipped with the latest technology and tools to capture the best images possible. They can also help you create engaging and memorable advertisements. Most personal drones are allowed to carry the same weight as commercial models, but they need special flight operations permits to operate.

The FAA also prohibits flying near airports and beyond 400 feet. Due to the varying privacy rights surrounding drone photography in the US, it is unclear what those rights are. In some states, drone photography is not allowed.

Drone Video

With a drone, you can capture a wide field of vision and get great clarity. You can also use it to take footage under challenging situations. Our drones can easily maneuver around obstacles no matter what your subject is.

One of the advantages of drone videography is that it is relatively easy to set up and start shooting footage. In the past, helicopters were the only way to capture aerial images. This method involved a lot of planning and preparation and ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

Inspection Services

Drone Videos can assist you in determining what you need to inspect to get an accurate picture of your project. We can also start with a wide shot and zero in on the most exciting areas. The drones have a high-resolution imaging ability to pick up details that the human eye would have initially missed making them ideal for inspection.

How Our New Orleans Drone Services Work

This is how we conduct our services in New Orleans; You start by contacting us through our website or by sending us an email. We’ll then set up a time and date on which we shall begin on your project, and after completion, your footage shall be ready for download within two business days.

Different Industries We Work In

Commercial Real Estate

You can present your property to potential investors and clients with compelling photos and videos with drone photography. Drone Videos captures all details that make your property stand out, including its location, parking accommodations, and major access points. We then create a final video that will be ready to share with your followers as soon as you receive it.


Drone photography is a snap for most projects, as it allows you to capture images from different and unique perspectives. Whether you’re shooting on land or water, we can provide you with aerial photos of your project. Construction drones can monitor the progress of projects on large-scale sites and small-scale ones. They can send 4K-resolution images and videos to engineers and architects in real-time to make faster decisions.

Roof Inspection

Drone photography and videography can also help you market your business or services by capturing beautiful roof images. Drones can also get used to take photos from various angles and provide you with a wide variety of shots in a short time. It makes it easy to conduct roof inspections using little effort.

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