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Drone Services Maryland

If you are looking for drone services in Maryland, Drone Videos can provide professional drone pilots and production staff for your photography or filming needs. No matter what you need shot, filmed, or inspected, our professional local experts can help you achieve the results you need. We have experience with construction, real estate, weddings, and countless other uses for drone footage.

We make it easy to get drone video in Maryland by providing everything you need. We have the drones, the operators, the skills, and the experience you need to get the perfect footage for your project. Our teams of drone pilots are all certified, and fly within the rules and regulations set forth by the FAA. Not only can they get footage of nearly any location or event, but they can do it with superior 4K resolution.

Aerial Photography Services

One of the best ways to capture events, locations, or even people is to use aerial photography. It allows you to get angles, framing, and more that you could never get from conventional ground-based photography. Our drone pilots will fly their drones to the location you specify and will use their drones to capture stunning high-resolution images for your project.

Drone Video Services

Drone-based video is even more universally useful than photography and can give a unique bird’s-eye view of the filming location. Our Maryland drone team can use their drones to get a video of any location or structure needed. It can be used to augment your real estate listings, or to check for signs of damage on a home’s roof, or countless other applications.

How Our Aerial Photography Service Works

If you need drone footage and are considering buying one, you may be in for a disappointment. While they are often marketed as consumer gadgets or even toys, they have a steep learning curve. Additionally, high-end video drones can be incredibly costly.

When you work with Drone Videos we take care of everything for you. We handle the teams, we make sure they are skilled, experienced, and certified, and we make sure they have all the required equipment. All you need to do is tell us what you want. Here’s how the basic process goes:

  1. Visit our order page and select the package you want us to shoot.
  2. Select a date and time that is convenient for you when your footage will be captured.
  3. We’ll have our photographer at the filming location, on time, and ready to shoot.
  4. When the filming is completed, we’ll coordinate with the team to get the video and photos uploaded to our network.
  5. Once we are done editing, the you are notified to login and download your photos and/or video!

How Drone Footage Can Benefit You


If you work in construction, you can use drone footage to obtain progress pictures or videos of the construction site.

Real Estate

Drone fly-bys are getting incredibly common for adding flair to real estate listings of both private and commercial properties.


Maryland roofing damage can be inspected easily with drones, without ever setting foot on a roof.

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