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St Louis Aerial Drone Photography

Drones have a variety of uses, from fighting poachers to helping people in remote areas. However, they are an incredible tool for photography. Compared to general photography, aerial photography has a range of advantages.

Drone Videos is one of the best aerial photography companies in St Louis. When working with us you can look forward to the following benefits.

Birds Eye View

Drones allow us to take photographs from an elevated point to view the ground location or venue from a bird’s-eye view. It facilitates us to view the large pictures of your objects of interest. That means we can capture object photos that might not be possible from a ground-based platform.

Instantaneous View

Aerial photography allows us to observe and capture static views of rapid actions. We can capture the action of these components at a particular time to give you the images you want.

We Can Give an Edge to Your Photos

Aerial photography allows you to add cool effects to your photos. Our team is well-versed with a range of effects that we can use to create collages and incredible integrations, so your photos look flawless. We can also edit or enhance specific details you need to focus on or make an image look brighter.

It is Great for Your Business

If you have a business, you can reap the benefits of our efficient and detailed aerial photos. For instance, you can use photos in construction, from the planning to the evaluation stages. Better still, we can capture high-quality photos to market your business. We pay attention to all details to deliver photos that attract your target audience.

Budget-Friendly and Efficient

Our company strives to provide services that suit different clients’ budgets. Aerial photography is one of the most cost-efficient photography and digital marketing forms. Instead of hiring an entire crew to handle your photography project, you’ll have one operator flowing the drone over the venue. You also do not have to move from one location to another taking photos because drones can fly up to 10km away from our operator, taking high-resolution photos. Better still, our drones can also film videos and capture photos simultaneously.

Location Spotting

Are you looking for the best location for an event? If so, our drone photography team can help you get a full spectrum of the venue. We can capture images that give you a better sense of what the venue looks like so you can make a well-informed decision. We can even capture hard-to-see areas for better planning.

A New Perspective to Consider

Drones capture high-quality photos and footage while saving you time and money compared to traditional photography. They offer unlimited versatility, allowing you to do anything from live streaming, assessing construction progress, and capturing images for your colorful event. You can count on Drone Videos for the best aerial photography in St Louis. Our team has extensive experience in aerial photography across Missouri. We go above and beyond to give you the best quality images or videos to suit your needs.

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