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New Hampshire Aerial Photography

It seems that with each passing day, more and more people are discovering the beauty of aerial photography and videography.

And at DroneVideos, we make it easy to get best-in-class drone photos and videos for an affordable price.

With numerous packages, it’s no wonder we’ve been a leading name in the aerial photography and videography industry since 2016.

So what are you waiting for? Get New Hampshire aerial photography now!

Which Industries Need Aerial Photography?


Drones have transformed the construction industry in numerous ways. Drone photos and videos in particular are used by both architects and project managers, since they can capture structures large and small and provide a look at areas that’d be hard to reach otherwise.

Specifically, architects use aerial photography and videography to expedite the design process, while project managers use this content to make on-the-spot changes and monitor progress.

Real Estate

Similarly, drone videos and photos have been a game-changer in the real estate industry, and now it’s rare to find listings—both commercial and residential—that don’t include drone videos and photos.

A drone can film and photograph the interior and exterior of a property, highlighting all the elements that make the property unique. It can also capture the neighborhood, woods, etc. that surround a property, which more and more property buyers want to see when browsing listings.

At DroneVideos, we offer several packages, all of which are great for professionals in either commercial or residential real estate.


Farmers use drone photos and videos to monitor their crops, livestock, etc. This content can also help with plot zoning and development.

Whether your farm is big or small, a licensed and experienced drone operator can capture it in its entirety.

Leisure (Golf Courses)

Golf courses use aerial photography and videography services to produce attractive marketing materials and promotional content. A drone will fly over every hole and shoot in a theatrical way to entice viewers and showcase all the course has to offer.

How Is Different

Quick & Easy Process

One of the main reasons why we’ve been able to stand out from our competitors for so long is because we stick to a simple process that continuously delivers top-notch results.

Basically, you select the package you want, and one of our highly skilled drone operators will shoot your property, and then our team of expert editors will edit the footage to ensure quality.

Specifically, we’ll color-correct the photos and videos, add blue sky replacements to all photos, as well as include one free digital twilight photo. Videos will be branded with the address, your business name, and fitting music will be added to include another appealing dimension. We’ll also send unbranded versions of videos that are ideal for MLS listing sites.

All the photos and videos will be presented on an SEO-friendly webpage that’s easy to share, and we’ll send downloadable copies as well so photos which can also be printed or used on your website and social media.

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