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New York Drone Services

Everyone can benefit from professional drone services, even if they aren’t drone operators themselves. As a professional drone services company, we provide people all over New York City and New York State with aerial photography to help them complete their jobs or simply create a unique snapshot.

Below are a few of the ways we can help you with an aerial drone in New York City, Long Island, or Rochester.

Aerial Photography

New York drone services are a safe and inexpensive way to capture incredible photos from above. Aerial photography can help you create unique mementos of birthdays, weddings, and graduations. We can also capture stunning images for use in advertising materials and magazines.

Drone Videos

One of our most popular New York drone services is capturing breathtaking eye-in-the-sky video footage. You can use such footage in films and marketing materials across all industries. With drone technology, we can record any person, place, or event with stunning clarity and definition.

Inspection Services

Need to take a look at your project’s progress from a bigger perspective? Our high-quality premium drones can capture every little detail in photos and videos, giving you a clear and broader view of your subject.

How Our New York Drone Services Work

Drones are prevalent, and with consumer models becoming more and more common, you’re likely to find amateurs offering photography services anywhere you go. What puts us above the rest is that we aren’t amateurs; we’re professionals. All of our drone operators are Part 107 certified and hold their work to the highest standards.

When you hire us for a job, regardless of what you’re asking for, we treat it with the same level of care. While anyone can snap a photograph, we focus our energy on ensuring every detail is made clear. We believe our services to be both creative and technical.

Our drone company offers its services statewide (including Long Island). We collaborate closely with you to ensure that we are meeting your goals as they are needed. No project or idea is too complex for us to take on.

If you want to get started or have questions about our services, contact us today. We’ll respond quickly and answer all of your questions. If you do decide to hire us, you can expect our work to unfold like this:

  1. We’ll ask you about your project, getting all the details of precisely what you want
  2. With your project established, we’ll schedule a flight for our team to shoot
  3. We’ll make your material available to you via download within 24 hours of completion

Different Industries We Work In

Drone technology benefits many industries, so we’re open to working with anyone. Whether you’re a production company, residential real estate broker, or anywhere in between, our drone operators can lend a hand. Below are the most common industries we’ve partnered with in the past.

Commercial Real Estate

Aerial photography is a great way to inspect your property for damages. Plus, aerial photographs and videos are powerful tools for selling a building. Give potential buyers a view of the property they won’t see anywhere else.


Drone technology can help with safety inspections on construction sites, too. Allow our operators to get a closer look without risking the well-being of anyone on site. Use aerial photography to keep track of your construction progress and make essential scheduling decisions.

Roof Inspections

Before you hire contractors for your much-needed home maintenance projects, take a close look with New York drone services. We can deliver high-resolution video and images, so you know exactly what you’re dealing with beforehand. Aerial drones are also a safe, simple way to check on your roof’s solar panels.

And Much More

No matter what reason you need shots for, our team is here to deliver. Use the power of drone technology to make your work easier or capture incredible memories.

Contact us today to discover how New York drone services can benefit you.

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