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Aerial Drone Photography in Charlotte, NC

Attracting customers is quite challenging because online consumers are more impatient than before. They want to receive information quickly, and when the information is not eye-catching and memorable, they will look elsewhere. In the highly competitive market, Drone Videos uses aerial photography to provide a way to attract new customers and set you ahead of the competition.

What is the Purpose of Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography provides a great bird’s eye view of an area, object, or subject. It displays the main focal point of the scene while highlighting the surrounding area. This way, drone photography uses are endless. Our team can use it to capture a sporting event, intimate moments, environmental assessments, or mapping images. We provide a range of perspectives not possible with traditional ground photography.

What are the Benefits of Aerial Photography in Digital Marketing?

At Drone Videos, we believe that every business can benefit from drone photography. We collaborate with clients from various industries in Charlotte and ensure to give the best quality services. The industries we work with include:

Commercial Real Estate

Aerial photography has many perks depending on the intended use. For instance, everyone in the real estate market can benefit from aerial photos of a property for sale. Although a photographer can capture the photos from the ground, aerial images give in-depth information to the image.

Aerial photography is ideal for showcasing your property, amenities, and location. It accurately conveys the access and scale of a property. Your target audience will see the property’s footprint concerning its features, the driveway, and surrounding properties. This way, buyers can view your property easily and allow for quicker sales.

Construction and Agriculture

In the construction and agricultural field, you can count on our drone photography to maximize project productivity and streamline the land assessment process. Our operators will ensure that the drones map out the land from above and assess crop quality. This way, you can save the time used in regular site visits.


As a business owner, you need to engage your customers and target audience regularly and in the best way possible. Aerial photography allows you to showcase your location, size, and proximity to places of interest. You can educate your customers on what your business sells and the services you provide. For instance, if you own a hotel, we can help you capture photos that showcase your location right in the town center. Such convenience will spark online consumer interest and make your business more memorable.

Roof Inspection

In the competitive roofing business, you have to look for ways to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why we are here for you. Drone photography allows our experts to safely capture and generate accurate roof inspection reports faster than traditional methods. That means providing faster solutions to your clients.

At, we offer a wide range of drone video packages to fit every client’s needs and budget. We have everything it takes to provide the best quality images for whatever project or event you want to be filmed from above.

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