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Drone Photography Durham

Ever seen a drone flying around a home or commercial property and wondered what it’s doing? Well, there’s a good chance it was taking high-quality drone photos and videos.

These days, businesses small and large across a range of industries are using aerial photography and videography services for different reasons. And at Drone Videos, we’re well aware of all the benefits these services offer, and that’s why we’ve been proudly providing them to numerous businesses for years!

So when you need best-in-class drone photography in Durham, Drone Videos will happily be your one-stop solution.

Which Industry’s Need Drone Photos and Videos?


In big cities, suburbs, and even rural areas, you’ll probably seen a drone flying over a construction site. Aerial photography and videography not only help architects during the design phase—they also help builders implement adjustments in real time.

Additionally, if stakeholders want to see how the project is coming along, the project manager can show them high-quality drone photos and videos that vividly show how much progress has been made.

Real Estate

More and more home inspectors and appraisers are using drone videos and photos to deliver better services and make their jobs easier. Say, for example, you’re a home inspector and all that’s left to inspect is the roof—wouldn’t it be much easier if you could inspect the roof remotely? This is especially true for large, commercial properties with complex roofs.

Home sellers also use drone photos and videos, but they use the content a drone captures to market their properties. Nowadays, if a listing doesn’t include high-quality drone photos and videos, there’s a good chance home buyers will pass over it to find one that does. And a drone won’t just capture all the aspects that make the exterior unique—it’ll also capture the surrounding area so interested home buyers can get a feel for the neighborhood (without visiting).

Commercial property owners use drone photos and videos too, except they’re usually using this content to advertise vacancies. Using aerial photography and videography services, a commercial property owner can show how spacious and well-organized their property is, and they can have their property shot from numerous angles and altitudes.

Leisure (Golf Courses)

Golf courses and similar venues can also benefit from using vivid drone photos and videos. Whether your course is large or small, a drone can fly over it and capture all the elements that make it unique and appealing. Plus, with theatrical shots and great music, a drone video can entice golfers from all over to come play at your course—that’s the power a well-done drone video can possess.

Why Is DroneVideos Different?

Drone Videos is a white-glove drone photography and videography service, one that’s been sought-after for years because we always deliver superior workmanship alongside best-in-class customer service.

So why do things on your own when you can easily hire a leading team of aerial photography experts to get exactly the drone photos and videos you’re looking for? Visit the “Order Now” tab on the menu bar at the top to get started!

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