Get your roof inspected for damage & gutter maintenance using affordable 4K Drone technology.

Roof inspection jobs used to be a dangerous and tedious process. Having workers climbing ladders and standing on sloping rooftops can endanger their lives as well as the lives of workers on the ground. Drone inspection has provided roofing contractors, building owners and roof inspection companies with multiple benefits. A drone roof inspection can be viewed in real time, but can also be recorded in Hi-Resolution to review at a later time in greater detail. Using drones for professional roof inspection is fast, safe, and extremely affordable. Here are DroneVideos.com, we provide custom roof inspections of your properties, buildings, barns and more.  Don’t put your workforce in harms way. Hire a professional, insured drone operator from DroneVideos.com for all of your roof inspection needs. Using a roof inspection drone makes the inspection process go faster, lowers the labor costs, and there is no risk involved. Forget about the time consuming roof inspection job. We have all the necessary equipment and know-how to inspect collapsing roofs quickly and effectively. Once we know all your project details, we’ll assign a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified drone pilot to your project and make sure that you get detailed roof reports with all the valuable data gathered during the flight.

Roof defects are often hard to pinpoint. But thanks to our end to end solution, roofing companies and property owners can quickly get a full roof assessment and find out whether their roofs need a replacement, or just some minor repairs. Using a drone, we’ll capture high resolution images and offer you a full report including all actionable data you need.

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Stay safe on the ground while our drones do the regular roof inspections for you
with high quality aerial videos and photos! Inspecting roofs from a safe distance to detect property damage, clogged drains, or taking pictures and taking measurements for solar panel installation has never been this easy. If you are a roofing contractor or a building owner and you want to inspect your roofs quickly and easily, contact us.


The advantages of a drone roof inspection

Inspection drones offer a wide range of advantages to the stakeholders in the construction industry, this is why they are preferred by roofing companies and most building owners, whether they want to detect storm damage, inspect power lines, or install a solar panel.

There are many benefits to utilizing drones over traditional methods. First, unmanned aerial vehicles can provide a faster, more precise inspection than any other vehicle. This is particularly useful in inaccessible areas where building structures can be difficult to reach using ground-based methods. Second, because roofing inspection drones are disposable, they can be used for many different purposes throughout the building process. Instead of spending several hours walking around each site, most roof inspectors can perform the check-up in less than twenty minutes flight time and without risking human life. Drones for roof inspections will also provide more accurate data collection and help avoiding human error thanks to the camera quality and optical sensors allowing them to fly close enough. For these reasons, more and more residential and commercial businesses are already utilizing them to inspect roofs, whether to spot leaks and roof damage in tall buildings or to install solar panels, and many other projects.

Moreover, drone data and imaging can also be used either by the property owner or the insurance adjuster to confirm insurance claims in case of a damage due to natural disasters. Capture images and videos to detect roof defects that are invisible to the naked eye without drone assistance. Reduce the inspection time and costs of roof assessment. All of our operators have years of experience and Remote pilot certificate required by the FAA.