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Drone Photography South Dakota

Drones have been around longer than most people think, but because they were exclusively used by defense departments and intelligence agencies they were rarely seen buzzing around the skies.

Now, however, drones are being used all the time, and many businesses in particular are discovering all the benefits associated with getting high-quality drone photos and videos.

At DroneVideos, we know all about the many advantages drone photos and videos offer businesses across industries, and that’s why we’ve been making it simple and affordable to get best-in-class drone photography in South Dakota (Sioux Falls and nearby cities) for years.

Why Choose

Simple Three-Step Process

Step One

Click the “Order Now” tab on the menu at the top of this screen to browse our packages. After selecting the one you want, provide the address you want photographed/filmed, as well as the date and time you want the flight to take place. Also, provide any specific instructions you have for us at this point.

Step Two

After the flight takes place, the content will be sent to our team of editors. Specifically, we’ll color-correct photos and videos, add a blue sky replacements to all photos and add fitting music to the videos.

The branded videos we send will include the address, your business name, and more., while the unbranded versions—which are great for MLS sites—will be just the final cuts.

Step Three

Once everything is ready, we’ll present the finished products on an SEO-friendly webpage that’s easy to share. We’ll also provide downloadable versions so you can use the photos and share the videos across your social media channels, your website and on any other marketing materials.

White-Glove Service

From beginning to end, only trained and highly skilled professionals will work on your project—this is our promise as a leading white-glove drone photography service. Everyone on our team cares about quality, and this is why we’re able to deliver top-notch results time and time again.

Industries We’re Proud to Serve

Real Estate

Commercial and residential real estate brokers use drone photos and videos all the time now, since drones can highlight the unique features properties boast from different altitudes and angles. Home inspectors and appraisers use this content too, since it expedites their work and helps them deliver better services.


Aerial photography and videography services are often needed during construction projects these days. Architects use the pictures and footage gathered during the design process, and project managers use this content to make real time adjustments and show stakeholders how the project is coming along.

Golf Courses

A drone can easily photograph and film even expansive golf courses, and it can showcase all the aspects that make the course unique and desirable. The drone can also highlight clubhouse amenities and the surrounding area.

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