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Aerial Photography El Paso, TX

Several years ago, drones were rarely used for commercial purposes, mainly because they weren’t as affordable and widely available as they are now. But today, drones are being used by all kinds of businesses, and they’re often used to take stunning photos and videos of different properties.

So if your business is in the market for aerial photography in El Paso, TX, let DroneVideos.com be your one-stop solution for drone photography services in Texas. You won’t regret it!

Why Choose DroneVideos

DroneVideos.com is an industry-leading white-glove drone photography and videography service, one that employs the absolute best drone operators and video editors to ensure superb quality and first-rate customer support. Sure, your business could hire an amateur drone operator who flies and edits footage in their spare time—or you can hire the most-respected name in the space to produce the breathtaking drone photos and videos you desire.

What We Offer

Commercial Real Estate

We offer a variety of commercial real estate packages, and we’re proud to say there’s a package for every kind of budget.

Our packages range from basic, photo-only packages that will still give you many photos from multiple angles to extensive and exhaustive high-quality photo and video packages that will cover very large commercial properties.

To know what comes with our other commercial packages, click here.

Residential Real Estate

We offer residential real estate packages as well, and you can choose to have a property, neighborhood, or both photographed and filmed. We can highlight a property’s unique features so those who view the photos and videos are enticed to visit the property in person.

How It Works

Step One

Click the “Order Now” tab on the menu at the top of this page to view the packages we’re currently offering. After you select a package, you’ll be asked for the address you want filmed, as well as when (date and time) you want the flight to happen. If you have special instructions, e.g., you want a particular part of the property showcased, include these in the designated box.

Step Two

Once all the drone photos and videos have been taken, they’ll be sent to our editing experts. We’ll color-correct and add blue skies to all photos and videos, and for commercial packages, we’ll also include one free digital twilight photo; these are great for marketing purposes. The videos will be branded with the info you wish to include; most of our clients choose to have their logo, the property’s address, and their business contact info included. We’ll also provide unbranded versions that are great for MLS sites.

Step Three

Once our editing process is complete, we’ll present everything on an SEO-friendly landing page that can be shared easily. We’ll also provide downloadable versions of the content; this way, photos can be printed, and videos can be shared across your social media pages, used on your website, or included in other marketing materials.

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