Aerodome Raises $21.5 for First Responder Drone Program


When police departments in the United States first began using drones, they faced numerous obstacles. The most significant was assuring the public that drones would be used responsibly and ethically. In 2018, the Chula Vista Police Department in California set the standard for effectively and positively utilizing drones in emergencies. Today, more than a thousand police departments across the country have adopted drone technologies.

Aerodome, a Los Angeles-based startup, aims to increase the number of drones in police departments with its unique emergency responder program. Founded in 2023 by Kenaniah Cerny, a self-taught engineer, and Rahul Sidhu, who has a professional background in police and emergency services, Aerodome secured a $6 million initial round of funding to reshape how police departments utilize drone technology.

Their concept is simple, train 1-2 individuals to be the drone expert while stationed in headquarters so that police officers can focus on their core duties. The Aerodome system operates based on five key points. Firstly, it determines whether a 911 call necessitates drone assistance. If required, a drone automatically deploys from the closest of several drone launch pads scattered throughout a region. There is no need for an officer to set up the drone for operation. All drones within the drone station network can be remotely operated by personnel not in the field.

Another unique aspect of Aerodome’s system is the technology enabling drones to be effectively flown remotely by personnel stationed in headquarters. As explained on the company website, “The Aerodome system uses ground-based radar, radio frequency sensors, ADS-B and remote ID data, allowing drone pilots to fly beyond visual line of sight without the need for visual observers”. Alongside beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flight, the drone provides a live video stream to anyone involved in the incident, facilitating coordinated tactical responses while saving time, money, and lives.

The final key to Aerodome’s program is ensuring that there is always a drone ready for action. If a drone’s battery begins to run low, it automatically returns to its docking station to recharge, ensuring readiness for the next mission. Simultaneously, if a drone is still needed, a new one automatically deploys to maintain continuous drone coverage.

On May 22, 2024, Aerodome announced that it had raised an additional $21.5 million to expand its program. Stated on the website, “The future of public safety air support is faster, safer, greener, more efficient, more effective, and more affordable. We make that future a reality, fostering safer communities worldwide.” With Aerodome, police departments across the county can access cutting-edge technology to better serve and protect their communities.

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