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Aerial Photography Alabama

Drone technology and consumer aerial photography is advancing at a faster pace than ever before, and the use of these drones for video and still images is becoming widespread. There are countless industries where drone imaging is now the default and the standard for picture and image inspections around the world. By getting aerial photography in Alabama, your project can get one-of-a-kind imaging and video production for your project. There are countless applications for this, for everything from roofing inspections to gathering footage for marketing or advertising.

The Alabama Drone Videos team comes ready to tackle your project with the skills and experience that only they can provide. They operate the leading state-of-the-art drone technology and can provide the video you need, and can even lend a hand with production and editing with the help of their local professionals.

Drone Photography Services

There has been unmanned aerial photography for many years, and even as far back as the Second World War, it has been used by militarized countries to obtain intelligence on their potential enemies. It has also been used to great benefit in the field of advertising and marketing, and even location scouting for other projects. Journalists also sometimes access drone photos to get pictures from vantage points that they could never get to otherwise.

Drone Video Services

Drone video is becoming incredibly popular, and one of the biggest reasons for that is because it gives access to high-quality video that has been difficult to get in other ways. Our Alabama drone team can get footage or stills of people, events, weather, architecture, and more in a beautiful full 4K video.

Additionally, being able to get a video of this quality has normally been unavailable to those without access to aircraft and a hefty budget. Using the Alabama drone team from Drone Videos means that your project will have access to some of the most unique video content. On top of all that, the footage is also the clearest available due to the high-tech gimbal stabilization of the camera on the drone.

Working With Our Alabama Drone Service Is Simple

You might be tempted to go buy a consumer drone and shoot video or images on it, but many people don’t realize that there is an incredibly steep learning curve to not only flying drones but to use them to capture video and images. When you work with Drone Videos we take all of the logistical hassles out of getting drone video, since we supply the expert, and professional teams, and those teams come with all of the leading equipment they need.

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  3. Select the date and time for the drone flight.
  4. Our team will then handle the rest!
  5. Once the shoot is complete, our editors will then professionally edit the photos/videos.
  6. We will then notify you once it’s completed so you can login and download the final photos and video.
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