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Drone Photography Birmingham, AL

Businesses across the world are using drone videos and photos for a variety of reasons, and now YOU TOO can take advantage of all the benefits drone videos and photos have to offer.

Drone Videos is a white-glove drone photography and videography service that’s been trusted and sought-after for years, mainly because we make it incredibly easy and affordable to get high-quality drone photography in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Seamless Process

Step One

Click the “Order Now” tab on the top menu to view our packages. After selecting the package you want, all you need to do is enter the address you want photographed and/or filmed, as well as the date and time you want shooting to take place.

There’s also a box for any specific instructions. (For example, if you want us to focus on any specific part of the property).

Step Two

After the photos and videos are taken, they’ll be sent to our team of professional editors.

For the photos, they will be professionally edited, color corrected and blue sky replacements done. All of our photo packages include 1 free digital twilight, which is great for marketing purposes!

For videos, our editors will color correct the video as well as brand it with the name, address, logo, company information and more. We also add music to the video as well. We also provide an unbranded version of the video which is great for MLS and listing websites.

Step Three

When the photos and videos are ready, we’ll present everything on an SEO-friendly webpage that can be easily shared.

The content will also be downloadable, meaning you can print it out (photos) and conveniently share it across your social media channels (photos & videos).

The Industries We Serve

Every day, businesses across industries are making the most of aerial photos and videos. Below are a few of the industries we serve:

Real Estate

Residential and commercial property owners alike rely on our best-in-class services. Here’s what you can expect if you elect to use our real estate drone photography and videography services.


These days, home buyers expect drone photos and videos when browsing property listings. High-quality aerial photos and videos are particularly useful to buyers who can’t visit the property in person.

With packages starting at just $300, you can capture all the elements that make your property and neighborhood unique and attractive.


The demand for commercial property has slowed a bit over the past few years, which means commercial property owners have had to adopt new tactics to fill their buildings with tenants. Drone photos and videos have been a huge help in this respect.

Using Drone Videos, you can get 20-60 high-quality drone photos, including ground and twilight photos, for a competitive price.

Property Inspections

Drones are great at taking photos and videos for property inspections as well, which is why our services are often used by roofers, solar panel installers, landscapers, and other tradespeople who routinely work on properties.


In the construction industry, drone photos and videos are used mainly for project monitoring. Essentially, the content a drone captures will clearly show stakeholders how the project is coming along, and they’ll be able to make adjustments based on this ultra-vivid 4K content.

Additionally, drone photos and videos are helpful during the building design process, and they can even be used to help builders make on-site changes in real time.

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