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Drone Photography Alaska

Gone are the days when it was hard to get your hands on commercial drones. Now, you can get best-in-class drone photography in Alaska, and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

At DroneVideos, we’ve been proudly serving a range of businesses across several industries for many years, and currently we’re a leading white-glove drone photo and video service.

Businesses That Need Aerial Photography & Videography

Home Inspectors

Home inspectors use drone photos and videos to provide more thorough assessments. Also, drones that take high-resolution photos and videos make home inspectors’ jobs easier, since they save these professionals from having to go all around the exterior, up on the roof, etc.


Roofers also use drone photos and videos, specifically for inspecting, designing, and repairing. Especially if your property has a large, complex roof, the roofers should use a drone to photograph and record damaged areas; this way they don’t have to go up there until they’re ready to repair the damage.

Architects & Builders

Architects have started using drone photos and footage during the design process, and builders too can use the content a drone captures to implement on-site changes with minimal disruption to the overall project. Drones can record properties from different altitudes and angles, and they can clearly show stakeholders how the project is coming along.

Real Estate Brokers

Nowadays, if a real estate listing doesn’t have drone photos and videos attached, buyers are going to pass over it right away. Using top-tier aerial photography and videography services—like the ones we’re proud to offer—a real estate brokerage can get enticing content for all their properties, and they can include this content in a range of marketing materials.

Golf Courses

It doesn’t matter whether your course is a small, private venue or an expensive 18-hole property. We’ll make sure the drone captures all the elements that make the property unique in stunning 4K. And with theatrical shots and the right music, the content will entice golfers near and far to check out your course.

DroneVideos vs Amateurs

Sure, you could hire an amateur drone operator to capture photos and videos for you, and then you could have this footage edited by a freelance film editor. But why take all the risks associated with going this route when you can hire a leading aerial video and photo service like DroneVideos?

We follow a simple, three-step process to ensure seamless, top-quality service, and we’re always willing to do what it takes to achieve the best results possible. We also offer our services at different prices, so small businesses with tight budgets and large corporations can make the most of what we have to offer.

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