Amazon Patents Hijack Proof Delivery Drones

Amazon, the largest online store aims to revolutionize their delivery services by using drones. As part of their new drone delivery technology, Amazon seeks to develop patents to make the delivery process as simple and easy as possible. Two years ago, the company filed a patent under “Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles.” The patent was created to help prevent people from stealing packages or the drones that do not belong to them.

While it’s challenging to determine whether any of such patents will be used by Amazon, the filings reveal incredible insights on how Amazon is looking forward to improving their delivery services. To make such services viable to the public, it is important to overcome various issues that may eventually affect their deliveries. Although the patent was just approved last week, no one is sure whether this patented technology will actually be used by Amazon. Nonetheless, it is hands down one of the newest, most exciting technologies that will revolutionize the face of online shopping and instant delivery.

Amazon’s main goal is delivering products to clients within an hour. This new technology brings their drone delivery system one step closer to reality. Amazon has previously had other drone related patents issued such as drones that respond to voice commands and hand gestures. The company’s systems and hardware architect, Glen G Larsen, who developed the hijack proof patent also filed a patent for creating secure signatures using holograms.

As the use of drones continues to gain momentum, there is also a significant increase in concerns that Amazon has about drone deliveries.  For example, Amazon is concerned that individuals may try to steal the drones and their packages, cause destruction to them, or attempt to crash them. This new patent explores the concept of transmitting a signal from the central controller to its drone every few seconds. If the drone detects interference from any third parties, it will automatically convert itself into safe mode to protect itself and it’s contents.

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