Artists Are Now Creating Artwork With Drones

While Leonardo Da Vinci was painting his master piece “The Mona Lisa”, he was also creating a book called The Flight Of Birds. The Flight of Birds is a 35,000 word book that showed how man could one day control flight. Da Vinci illustrated his work with diagrams that showed a simple flying machine, plus theories of physics, and sketches of flying birds.

What was once dreamed of by Leonardo Da Vinci, is now a reality. Drone technology has brought the vision of Flight of Birds into reality. Drones allow us to take to the air, showing us views and images like never before. A technologically advanced machine like a drone is extremely effective at capturing video and aerial photography.

It is no surprise that drones have found their way into the world of art. Matthew Biro, a professor of modern and contemporary art at the University of Michigan, explained that the viewpoint of traditional and Renaissance art was captured from a ground view with a stable horizon line. Drones on the other hand give us a brand new aerial perspective on things.

Some artists, like the photographer Trevor Paglen, have portrayed drones in a way that questions their role in government, war, surveillance and more. In some of his works, he depicted drones as nothing more than a dark spot on a backdrop of clouds, a way of expressing their potential for spying.

But there are many artists who are discovering creative ways of showing off. Another artist who has used drones in their work is Katsu. He is a famous Graffiti artist who has been credited as being the first artist to use a drone to tag a billboard.  In 2015, Katsu used a small, custom drone equipped with a spray paint can in which he used to draw graffiti on a billboard image of Kendall Jenner. The event was captured on video and streamed live on YouTube.

Anytime there is new technology there are artists waiting to use the new medium in their work. As technology advances, so will drones and companies such as Intel are now using drones themselves as their canvas which was recently displayed in Las Vegas’s Stunning Drone Lightshow.

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