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San Bernardino Desert Aerial Photography

Properties in the San Bernadino Desert are known to reflect raw beauty, perfectly complementing the region’s unique landscape, geological formations, and vast expanse of land and nature. Although they look stunning at first glance, a unique and awe-striking beauty is waiting to be explored from above.

That’s where aerial photography comes in. With stunning drone shots and footage of your San Bernardino property, you can unlock a new perspective that enhances the beauty and uniqueness of your home, building, land, or work site.

What We Do for Businesses in the San Bernardino Desert

Drone Videos provides businesses in the San Bernardino Desert with high-resolution drone photos and videos of their properties.

Aerial Photography

We have a team of expert drone operators who are well-equipped to fly premium drones over your property and capture photos that highlight its unique features and selling points. Whether to provide a full view of your project or showcase its surroundings, our aerial photography services can land you more offers.

Aerial Videography

Our drone operators are also skilled at taking engaging footage of your San Bernardino Desert property. We take 4K-resolution videos of every angle, view, and corner of your property and yield a rendered video that you can use for marketing or progress reporting.


Should you need to inspect your property for damage or issues, Drone Videos’ aerial photography and videography services can help you do so safely and quickly. We fly our drones over to your home or building so you don’t have to climb up yourself.

Industries We Serve in the San Bernardino Desert

We cater to a broad range of industries in the San Bernardino Desert. Most of our clients belong to:

Residential Real Estate

Drone Videos provides residential real estate sellers with aerial photos and videos of their homes, parcels of land, or neighborhoods to enhance their listings and attract higher-value offers.

Commercial Real Estate

With stunning drone photos and videos, we help commercial real estate clients market their retail stores, buildings, industrial hubs, or communities to get more tenants and set themselves apart from the competition.


We give construction sites a full view of their projects by taking comprehensive drone photos and videos that can help them gain unprecedented insights about their progress, identify issues and bottlenecks, and make smarter and more informed decisions.


Our drone videos and photos make inspection tasks easier and safer for insurance companies, claims assessors, and utility providers. By giving them a bird’s eye view of the property in question, they can easily check for issues and make decisions.

Golf Course

Drones can showcase the large area of a golf course in one frame, making our services very much in demand in this industry. Providing engaging aerial photos and videos of their holes, clubhouses, and amenities, we’ve helped golf course establishments attract more members and visitors.

How to Get Drone Photos and Videos in the San Bernardino Desert

If you’re convinced to order drone photos and videos of your San Bernardino Desert property, start by telling us about your project and requirements.

Then, schedule a flight at your most convenient time and our drone operators will fly over to your property to take drone shots and footage. After 24 hours, download your drone photos and videos and use them for whatever you need!

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