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  • Is The Drone Company, DJI, Spying on Americans?

    The Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) believes that China is spying on Americans with DJI drones. In a memo released in August, they claim that drones are collecting sensitive data and sharing it with the Chinese government.  The memo particularly states that the DJI is targeting law enforcement and military infrastructures in America.... Read More

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  • Drones Threat to Stadiums Prompts Safety Precautions

    Drones are becoming one of the biggest risks faced by American sports stadiums.  Recently a drone flying over two San Francisco Bay area stadiums dropped leaflets during an NFL game. The good news is that no one was hurt. However, the risk is becoming more evident when situations like these occur.  The drone did not... Read More

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  • GAIL India Uses Drones to Monitor Gas Pipelines

    GAIL India Ltd is India’s largest gas transporter with a vast network of pipelines. Recently, the company deployed drones to secure its 15000 kilometers pipeline asset.  The director of pipelines, Ashutosh Karnatak said that the company hired a drone with a pilot for air surveillance of the pipeline at Chambal Ravines. Based on the success... Read More

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  • Amazon Receives Patent For Drones That Self-Destruct During Emergencies

    Amazon has designed a new drone which can self-destruct in case of an emergency. This sounds like something out of a spy movie, but Amazon has reasons for this new design.  The drone will be built to use an on-board computer system, which will detect the safest course of action and strategically disassembles itself while... Read More

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  • Japanese Company Plans to Fight Overtime Hours With Drones

    A new drone is being developed that will fly through an office and monitor employees who are working an unhealthy amount of overtime hours. The drone will play ‘Auld Lang Syne’ followed by a buzz, and is intended to get overworked employees to go home. This new technology is being developed by NTT East and... Read More

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  • Diesel Powered Drone Sets Record After Flying For Five Days Straight

    The endless possibilities of drones used in agriculture have been on the minds of many agribusinesses executives for the last few years. Back when drones became a hot commodity in the farming sector, many farmers wanted a piece of the action.  It was written off in tax returns as a farm equipment, and the technology... Read More

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  • Mercedes-Benz Announces New Delivery Drones

    It seems that Amazon is not the only company that’s looking to deploy delivery drones. Mercedes-Benz is also in the process of testing drones to ship packages. According to company representatives, their mini-aircraft were able to complete 100 different drop offs to several vans all over Zurich, safely and without any incidents. Most of the... Read More

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  • Drones Used for Anti-Malaria Mosquito Campaign

    In Stone Town Zanzibar, Africa local researchers are using drones to map aquatic malaria habitats to find ways to better eliminate them.  Most malaria habitats can be located in shallow bodies of water, and are the source of most of the local mosquitoes. Every year, over 200 million people are infected with Malaria and over... Read More

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  • City in Indiana Uses Drones to Inspect Its Electrical Utility System

    Drones have been used to deliver groceries, take photos and even put out wildfires, but can they be used for inspecting utilities? The city government in Niles, Indiana seems to think so. The city’s new miniature aircraft, which weigh around 10 pounds, and features four motors and 17 inch propellers, is being used to inspect... Read More

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  • South Korea Plans to Use Drones to Deliver Mail

    Koreans may soon be receiving their mail from drones. According to a recent report from the Korea Post, they have successfully delivered mail to residents of Deukryang Island in South Jeolla Province. The agency also reports that they hope to implement the same services for the rest of country by 2022.  Drones have been used... Read More

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