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  • Zipline Drones Delivery Medical Supplies & Saving Lives

    In 2014, Zipline was created with one simple goal in mind. To deliver life saving medical care to the over 6 billion people around the world who are not fortunate enough to live in areas with fast medical access. Using meticulously designed drones, Zipline is now successfully delivering medical access to over 11 million people.... Read More

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  • Movie Studios in Hollywood are Beginning to Use Drones During Production

    The Hollywood film industry is one of the most competitive and expensive entertainment industries. Studios spend millions of dollars trying to create the next big hit. From equipment to settings, directors, actors, writers, and the countless other factors that go into a film production the costs can be immense. That is why drones are now... Read More

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  • Animal-Dynamics Creates New Water Drone Based on Fish Movement

    What do you get when you combine a veteran tech entrepreneur and a flight obsessed scientist? Well if those two individuals are Alex Caccia and Adrian Thomas you get a British startup spinoff from Oxford University, Animal Dynamics. While Alex may be the business expert, there is no question that Adrian is the intellectual driving... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Deliver Packages to Ships

    With their home offices based out of Leiden, Netherlands, Airbus has become one of the leaders in aerospace innovations. They are known for their commercial air ships (including the largest ever passenger airliner), helicopters, and military defense airships. But like many other aerospace companies, they are also making a name for themselves in the field... Read More

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  • Insights To Extraterrestrial Life Using Drone Technology

    Humans are an inherently curious species. We are constantly asking questions and finding answers. One of biggest, yet unanswered questions, is whether or not life exists beyond our planet. It is a question that has been pondered for as long as can be remembered. But now, due to Elon Musk’s SpaceX project that aims to... Read More

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  • Saving the Koala Bear Population Using Drones and AI Technology

    Native to Australia, the Koala bear has become a beloved Aussie national symbol. The protection and care of these creatures supports 30,000 jobs and has impacted an estimated economic value of $3.2 billion. Yet still, almost 90% of its population has been decimated in the last 10 years. This has rightly been a cause for... Read More

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  • All You Need To Know About Mind Controlled Drones

    Our society is making constant advancements in the technology race. Technologies that were just ideas a short while ago are a reality today. But tomorrow, the race is progressing to the next level. Devices controlled by manual means such as remotes, joysticks, and tablets are morphing into devices that can be used hands free in... Read More

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  • Autonomous Drones Can Help Search and Rescue after Disasters

    It is amazing to see how in recent times some of humanity’s greatest challenges are being solved through innovative science and technology. Disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and even terrorist attacks are just a few of the global challenges we face today. With innovations like autonomous flying drones, these issues are being tackled... Read More

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  • Drones to Perch on Structures in Order to Reserve Power

     One of the fastest growing markets today is the drone market. There are so many different types of drones all with a wide range of capabilities. From micro insect sized drones to expansive 6-8 rotor drones, their useful applications are proving unlimited. However, there is one major issue that all drones and their operators... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Help Eradicate Seagulls

    Pest infestations come in many forms. They could be from rodents to insects. They could be in individual buildings or even entire communities. In Northern Dublin, IR this past year, communities complained to their municipalities of infestations of sea gulls. The towns of Balbriggan, Skerries, and Howth were effected due to a nearby landfill that... Read More

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