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  • Drones Banned from National US Parks

    There is no question that The United States of America has some truly beautiful national parks. With over 400 properties, The National Park service has a lot to offer visitors. These parks are filled with breathtaking vistas, protected animal and plant species, and serene experiences for travelers. When people come to these parks it is... Read More

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  • Are Drones the Future of Coffee Farming?

    Drones are undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries around. Thanks to somewhat relaxed regulations and robust investment in drone development, they are actually revolutionizing modern technology companies. Drones are being used everywhere from pizza to medical deliveries, from military logistics to emergency response situations. One area they are having a huge impact on is... Read More

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  • US Government to Use Drones During Emergencies and National Disasters

    In times of natural disaster there is often only so much that the government can do to prepare it’s citizens. The United States Of America has seen it fair share of devastating natural disasters recently. From hurricanes ravaging Florida and Texas, to the wildfires scorching California, the government is now looking for ways to better... Read More

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  • Vineyards to Start Using Drones to Keep Birds Away

    Bird damage is one of the most common problems that farmers have to deal with. Even more critical is that traditional bird scaring tactics such as netting, gas guns, hawk kites, and reflective tape are no longer effective. As such, farmers are looking to new technologies to help them to protect their valuable crops. Drones... Read More

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  • NASA to Build a Massive Network of Underwater Drones

    The US Navy has embarked on a massive plan to develop several undersea drones to undertake a variety of missions. Some of these missions include hunting and destroying mines and in some cases, launching attacks on submarines. The drones will in sense be massive unmanned submarines which they are calling “Orcas”. The Navy has awarded... Read More

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  • Drone Racing League To Work With Self-Flying Drones

    What do you get when combining the top recreational drone organization with one of the world’s leading global security and aerospace companies? You get the AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge by Lockheed Martin and the Drone Racing League (DRL). A challenge encouraging the best programmers, coders, and droners to create a completely autonomous drone. While they have... Read More

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  • Police Officer Using Drones To Save Lives

    Officer Larry Boggus from Houston, TX had no idea just how handy his “just in case” idea of bringing his drone to work one day would become. It was during the aftermath of hurricane Harvey when he thought to bring his drone into the station. Knowing it could be a long day of emergency and... Read More

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  • New Internet Beaming Drone Ready to Take Off

    The race to have solar powered drones beam internet from the sky is gaining momentum, at least according to the some recently released news. Initially, tech giants dominated the market such as Facebook and Google. However, they have slowed down their plans to operate unmanned web aircraft with the capability to transmit internet connections to... Read More

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  • Thermal Imaging Drones Used in Rescue Searches After Tornado

    When disaster strikes, timing is critical when it comes to rescue efforts. Traditionally rescuers, along with the help of dogs, will manually search a site to locate any people. Not only is this extremely time consuming, but it also puts the emergency response team at great risk. These dangers are only increased when a victim... Read More

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  • Future Use of Drones In the Postal Industry

    Many nations are now embracing drones as the next great technological advancement for everyday applications. For example, over the past year the Swiss Post has been using drones to quickly deliver laboratory specimens and samples to participating clinics and hospitals. Inspired by this technological foresight, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo is encouraging... Read More

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