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  • Microsoft and DJI Team Up to Help Develop Autonomous Drones

    In a future that could likely be dominated by automation, drones have a lot to offer. They have greater mobility than human workers, and can reach a variety of places that humans and stationary machines have trouble accessing. Once they reach those areas though they need to be able to recognize, interact with, and/or productively... Read More

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  • Flying Saucers or Drones?

    In a world where drones sightings are quickly becoming everyday occurrences, they are also being blamed for anything inexplicable that is spotted in the sky. Over the holiday season, drone sightings over Gatwick and Heathrow airports caused them to be shut down. Gatwick had to be closed for over 36 hours because of one drone... Read More

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  • Amazon’s Sidewalk Drone Delivery Robot

     For many drone enthusiasts, drone delivery services are by far one of the most anticipated events in the near future. This could be a factor that has inspired a recent move by Amazon, testing sidewalk drones which typically perform the same function as airborne drones. Amazon has promised drone deliveries through its latest invention,... Read More

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  • Eradicating Rats with Poison Bombs Dropped From Drones

    Any property owner would tell you that dealing with a rat infestation can be very stressful. But, imagine if that infestation reached beyond your home to the entire island on which you lived! It can take as little as one pregnant rat being introduced to an isolated island and the new addition to the local... Read More

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  • Tanzanian Airport Welcomes Drone Flyers

    On the Tazanian island Juma, located in Lake Victoria, locals gathered around to witness the first ever drone flight within the area. There were also numerous organization representatives from the World Bank, World Food Program, and UNICEF. The flight was a part of the Lake Victoria Challenge that aims to make commercial drone flights within... Read More

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  • New Army Drones Can Build Their Own Networks

    The Shadow, a mainstay of US Army drone operations, is about to be replaced. The Shadow first flew in 1991 as part of the Army’s Future Tactical UAS program. Over the three decades since its first flight, the Shadow’s design has been improved by using lighter materials, upgrading the communications system and even the battery... Read More

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  • New Technology Enables Drone To Recharge In the Air

    A network of wireless charging hotspots for drones is currently being developed by Global Energy Transmission (GET), a company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Its award-winning solution called GET Air enables battery-powered, commercially available drones to recharge rapidly and safely while still in flight. For a full charge, drones simply hover for six minutes in one... Read More

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  • The LAPD Is Now Using Drones To Apprehend Suspects

    Local police departments are now using drones to help them in life threatening situations. The LAPD used a drone in this manner for the first time when they deployed it to spy on a suspect whom they believed was hiding out in a second floor apartment. They sent the small drone to hover outside the... Read More

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  • Easing Regulations For Flying Drones

    The Department of Transportion implements tough regulations for flying drones in order to keep everyone safe. But now they are choosing to relax some of those regulations. They recently proposed changes to the rule book which will allow drone operators to fly over people and at night without the need of a special license.  Commercial... Read More

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  • Hybrid Drone With Bird-Like Legs Designed for Easy Take off and Landings

    The function of a drone is usually limited by its design. The drones that can deliver heavy payloads over long distances must have fixed wings to give them strength and speed but that means that they are limited in where they can take off from and land. Drones that are designed to take off and... Read More

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