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  • India Will Allow Drone Deliveries Starting in 2019

    The Government of India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation plans to allow the commercial operation of drones by March 2019 under their new Drone 2.0 policy. It’s expected to result in a significant growth in business opportunities that cater to the needs of e-commerce consumers across the country. Prior to this, the ministry had released their... Read More

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  • A Drone Makes Its First Organ Transplant Delivery Test

    Researchers at the University of Maryland have outfitted and modified a drone to recreate the conditions of a safe organ transportation. The six-rotor drone is the first of many trials that researchers are making towards drone organ transportation, a process that can have many benefits to hospitals, doctors, and patients. The drone was outfitted with... Read More

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  • Autonomous Drones to be Used for Underground Exploration

    An Australian startup known as Emesent is designing a system that gives drones spatial awareness and intelligence to help them navigate and map spaces autonomously when there is no GPS or tracking available. According to Emesent CEO Stefan Hrabar, drones that work underground or other areas that are inaccessible through common navigation techniques like GPS... Read More

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  • Lasers and Diamonds Could be Used to Power Airborne Drones

    Drones have become so popular in the US that it is expected by the year 2022 there will be over 700,000 of them in North American alone. Drones will be used in in many ways such as delivering packages, inspecting bridges, monitoring traffic, and many more. To do these tasks efficiently, drones will need to... Read More

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  • Drone Workforce Safety

    Aviation accidents cause two-thirds of all deaths of wildlife biologists working in the field. This puts aviation accidents above attacks from wildlife, making it the leading cause of death for wildlife biologists. This surprising statistic is what inspired Thomas Rambo, then a Master’s Degree student at the University of Florida, Gainesville to take action. A... Read More

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  • How Drones Can Help Us With Reforestation

    Our forests are important natural resources. We lose many acres of forests to loggers, fires and other developments every year. Many environmentalists are keen to see a wide scale reforestation, especially in areas hit by forest fires. This is a tremendous undertaking when it comes to planting trees by hand. But this is about to... Read More

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  • Drones to Help Rescue Swimmers In Trouble

    A rescue mission in the ocean by using a drone may soon become a reality. Mr. Alasgar Calcuttawala, the co-founder of Saif Automations alongside his father Ahmed S Abdeally, and his brother Taher Ahmed Calcuttawala, have made a ground breaking development of the first unmanned water drone in India. With the use of this drone,... Read More

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  • Can Tethered Drones Be the Answer to Drone’s Short Battery Life?

    One of the main challenges facing the drone industry is the short battery life found in most drones available today. On average, most drones will stay airborne for 20 to 30 minutes after which you have to recharge or swap out a battery. One startup has come up with an interesting method to solve this... Read More

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  • Drones May Soon Help Find Missing Hikers on Mount Fuji

    For many hiking enthusiasts, the Mount Fuji climb is top on their list. Standing at an incredible 3,776 meters, Mount Fuji takes the top spot as the highest mountain in Japan. Each year, people come from around the world to experience this amazing place. Owing to the fact that its climbing doesn’t require the use... Read More

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  • The US Navy’s Nomad Drone

    The United States Navy is coming up with innovative ways to use drone technology. One of the simplest ways for the Navy to defend themselves against incoming missiles is to confuse the missile by disrupting their navigation software with the use of radio frequency scramblers. Specially designed drones allow the Navy to easily place these... Read More

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