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  • The Trash Eating Drone Shark in Dubai

    Created by RanMarine, a Dutch company, the WasteShark takes its inspiration from nature by having a shark like mouth. It is specially developed to collect waste floating on the water surface. Named in the year 2016, this water drone will begin its operation in November a year after its trials with Ecocoast, a local partner.... Read More

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  • Drones Being Used to Count Endangered Sea Lions

    After years of technological advancements, drone technology is now being utilized to access harsh and isolated environments along the southern coast of Australia. They are being used to provide researchers with more accurate data for the Australian sea lion species. For many years, sea lions have made a home along the base of the Bunda... Read More

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  • 100 Drones Will Be Part of 2018 Radio City Christmas Spectacular

    One hundred Intel drones will be joining the cast of the Rockettes in the annual Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. The Star Mini drones should show up near the show’s finale based around the Northern Star. Sam Buntrock, the Spectacular’s director, states that the drones will act as tiny points in candles and the... Read More

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  • Automatic Drones Could Search For Lost Hikers

    When hikers get lost in a forested area, finding them can be a complex and difficult process. This is because search and rescue teams normally deploy helicopters or drones to facilitate their searches. In forests, the tree canopies block visual access to the forest floor. As such, it is often impossible to spot a hiker... Read More

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  • Drones Protecting Marine Animals

    Drones are now being used in locating and steering away dolphins and other marine mammals from high risk areas such as port developments, windfarms, and survey areas. The noise from survey streamers and pile drivers can injur these animal’s sense of echo location. PAMS, or Passive Acoustic Monitoring Systems, are currently used by environmental experts.... Read More

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  • Chula Vista Police Department Using Drones For 911 Calls

    In the city of Chula Vista, California, drones are now being used to respond to 911 calls by it’s residents. The Chula Vista PD began using aerial drones in an effort to address 911 emergencies. Since its launch, the drones has already completed 30 calls, leading to 3 arrests including a case of domestic violence.... Read More

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  • New Insect Sized Drones

     An innovate team of engineers from the University of Washington have figured out a way to make bug-size drones, consequently paving the way for the first wireless version called “RoboFly” that literally weighs as much as a feather. To take care of the wing’s heavy electric demands, the team has incorporated a photovoltaic cell... Read More

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  • Are Bug-Like Drones The Future Of Drone Technology?

    Often when scientist and engineers face a problem they look to nature for answers. Drone technology is embracing this trend and studying wasps to help with some technical issues. In particular, drone designers are looking to solve the weight load dilemma by copying these fearsome creatures and their remarkable ability to lift a prey many... Read More

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  • Uber’s Plans For Drone Delivery Services by 2021

    Ride sharing company Uber, has recently posted an opening for an executive position under their UberExpress umbrella. UberExpress, under the UberEats food delivery service plans to use commercial drones to deliver food by 2021.  But before Uber can successfully implement drones as part of their UberEats service, it will need to address several issues, including... Read More

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  • Drones to Deliver Vaccines in Vanuatu

    In the world’s first ever trial, drones will be used to deliver valuable vaccines to remotes area of Vanuatu which are otherwise difficult to access. The Vanuatuan government has awarded contracts to two commercial drone companies, German Wingcopter Holding and Swoop Aero, who outbid over 18 other drone companies. Vanuatu has 83 islands which are... Read More

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