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  • Meet DroneCatcher – The Drone That Catches Rogue Drones

    Meet the DroneCatcher, a new type of drone specifically designed to capture rogue drones using a special net designed to incapacitate them. The latest version of the DroneCatcher was revealed earlier this week at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) event in London, where its various features were shown to an eager audience. What... Read More

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  • Artist Banksy Uses Art to Generate Anti-Arms Funding Donation

    Contemporary war movies depict drones as lightweight, mobile bunker-busting machines, but who knew that they could be used to generate anti-arms funding to the tune of more than £200,000?  Banksy, an anonymous street artist hailing from Bristol, has created a unique artwork with the use of child-like drawings and three Predator drones. The artwork is... Read More

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  • Military Drones Set to Replace Police Helicopters by 2025

    American police departments could be replacing their helicopters with enormous military-style drone aircraft by 2025. According to Defense One, the modified versions of military aircraft will be flying at 2000 feet across US cities as they stream high-resolution videos to different police departments. The unmanned drones are set to transform the counter-terrorism and law enforcement... Read More

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  • New Hybrid Engine to Keep Drones Flying Longer

    An engineering professor and a team of developers at the Oregon State University-Cascades have created a prototype of a hybrid engine for smaller unmanned aerial systems. This innovative development may change the way small drones are manufactured as well as improve their battery capacity. Small drones are usually limited by their battery power, but with... Read More

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  • Drones Provide Emergency Aid for Disaster Relief Efforts After Hurricane Harvey and Irma

    Following the wake of the destruction of Hurricane Harvey and also the havoc caused by Hurricane Irma, thousands of people have found themselves without electricity and even more have been without the means to communicate with loved ones and family. The massive storms have caused outages for phone, internet, and television signals across the regions... Read More

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  • Firefighters Use Heat Sensing Drone to Find Missing Shelby County Woman

    A heat sensing fire department drone found a missing woman in Shelby who was lost and disoriented. Rose Burton was found after wandering through farm fields for hours in the dark. The 47-year-old woman had a dozen rescuers looking for her before the fire department deployed its heat-sensing drone. On Thursday, Rose left her Shelby... Read More

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  • California Plans to Ban Marijuana Drone Deliveries

    California voters approved Proposition 64, which made the recreational use of marijuana by residents over 21 years old legal. In less than four months to go, state officials have to make sure the new regulation becomes a reality by establishing a legal and regulatory framework to guide distribution and consumption of marijuana in the state.... Read More

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  • How Flying Drones Are Transforming the Delivery Industry

    The moped driver carrying a back-pack crammed with your favorite stuffed-crust pizza may be a familiar sight in most towns and cities, but it could soon become a thing of the past. The volcanic island of Iceland is the first country in the world to deliver hot food from restaurant to customer almost entirely by... Read More

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  • Weaponized Drones Could Transform Modern Day Warfare Forever

    In 2015, a drone was modified to include a semi-automatic handgun, which sparked an investigation by US Federal Aviation Administration after four shots were fired from the gun perched on the drone. The video of this incident went viral and raised a lot of concerns, but many knew that it was only a matter of... Read More

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