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  • How Police Are Tracking Criminals Who Use Drones for Illegal Activities

    We are living in an era whereby new technology is increasing everyday. The benefit of these technological developments is that they have come to make life easier and more efficient. Drones, the remote-controlled flying quad-copters are just one of these new technological advancements. Drones have become a popular electronic device that has captured the attention... Read More

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  • Drones & Dogs – The New Search and Rescue Team

    When a missing persons report is filed, time is of the essence. When a search and rescue team is put together, most people tend to think about tracking dogs.  While dogs, with their amazing sense of smell, are great at locating injured or missing people, they are getting some extra help from an eye in... Read More

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  • How Drone Technology is Being Used For Marine Research and Conservation

    Drones may soon be found underwater. A group of Trident drones are set to be deployed to search the mysteries of the deep in various locations all over the world. Trident drones are relatively small, rectangular machines designed for underwater exploration, and each of these drones will have its own mission, as defined by their... Read More

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  • USAA Prepares to Send Drones to Texas Coast After Hurricane Harvey

    As Hurricane Harvey pounds the coast of Texas, insurance companies are gearing up customer service, deploying agents and drones to the areas likely to suffer the most damage.  Bloomberg reported that over 230,000 homes are at risk from the impact of this tropical storm and the cost of reconstruction has been estimated to be almost... Read More

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  • Flytrex Becomes The First Company to Launch An Autonomous On-Demand Drone Delivery Service

    Flytrex Company is out to test that drones are a feasible alternative for deliveries via a brand new drone distribution program. The drones took their maiden flight in Iceland’s capital recently.  Several other companies, for example, Amazon, have already tested drone deliveries. But Flytrex Company says that no fully working on-demand drone supply service has... Read More

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  • Drones Successfully Deliver Contraceptives to Women in Rural Ghana

    Recently, a drone successfully delivered sunscreen to a tech conference in Palm Springs. Last year, Dominos Pizza tested its Pizza delivery service to families in New Zealand using a drone. Drones are in the air to make life easy for all, but most importantly, they can now be used to save lives. A study from... Read More

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  • Geofencing to Help Stop Drones From Flying Into Restrictive Airspace

    Geofencing is the latest technology that is being used to ensure that drones do not enter into Federal Aviation Administration restricted airspace and locations such as airports and military installations. Geofencing is being used to control the movement of drones with the aid of GPS coordinates. Geofencing is an emerging technology that is designed to... Read More

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  • Robots and Drones Could Be the Next Industrial Revolution

    With Amazon already planning to introduce a drone delivery service, the most popular future technology question people are asking is if delivery drones will be the next industrial revolution? Amazon’s drone delivery service would be known as Amazon Prime Air. A customer can order an item on Amazon and then choose the Amazon Prime Air... Read More

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  • Drones Are One Of the Biggest Threats Facing Military Aircraft

    Leaders of the Armed forces have warned that Drones are becoming a big threat facing military pilots. An arm forces chief revealed that clashes between their choppers and drones rank among the top 5 threats faced by the Army, RAV fliers, and Navy. In fact, one of the famous devices may have flown into London... Read More

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