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  • The Unfulfilled Promise of Passenger Drones

    Are passenger drones really the wave of the future?  Talk of having such vehicles fully operational by 2020 and more recently, by 2026, has been circulating for years.  But the idea hasn’t really caught on.  A survey taken in 2017 found that most Americans hadn’t even heard of passenger drones.  Even worse, just 4% said... Read More

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  • Turning Drones Into Graffiti Artists

     Drones are entering every industrial sector imaginable, so why not the arts?  In fact, drones made their first splash – literally – in the art world as far back as 2015, when a street muralist known as “Katsu” piloted a drone into New York’s Hole Gallery to spray paint one of its walls.  Two... Read More

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  • What Makes Australia’s Drone Industry So Unique?

    If you’re looking for a shiny example of a burgeoning national drone industry, you might be tempted to overlook Australia’s.  True, it’s not one of the world’s largest – not yet, at least.  And it doesn’t have a single-minded focus on technology innovation as South Korea does or a relentless pursuit of supremacy in the... Read More

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  • DJI’s Avata Presages a New Era in “Cine-Whoop” Drones

    Leaked videos have suggested for weeks that DJI plans to launch a new indoor drone – dubbed the “Avata” – sometime this summer.  We now have a confirmed launch date, Thursday, August 25.  The news is creating considerable buzz among drone industry enthusiasts.  What’s all the fuss about? For one thing, it’s DJI’s first foray... Read More

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  • Wind Tunnels for Advanced Testing of Drones

    Aerodynamics experts have tested modern aircraft in wind “tunnels” for years.  But unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are subsonic propeller-driven vehicles with navigational systems and functions that differ from conventional aircraft.  Wind tunnel testing of drones therefore requires substantial adaptation. One obvious adaptation is the tunnel’s size, which is generally much smaller for drones.  But UAV... Read More

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  • More Women Are Finding Their Passion in Drones

    The manned aircraft industry is notoriously male dominated.  Even today, despite a steady diversity push, few women have risen the ranks to become commercial airline pilots.  Plenty of men prefer it that way, of course.  But something new is happening in the drone industry: Large numbers of women, on their own initiative, are stepping forward... Read More

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  • Heavy Drone Traffic Near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Has Regulators Worried

    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations prohibit the flying of drones near commercial airports or above an altitude of 400 feet.  But apparently, drone operators near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport – one of the nation’s busiest – never got the memo.  In recent months, commercial airline pilots landing and taking off at O’Hare have complained to the... Read More

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  • More of the Nation’s High School Students Are Getting Their “Drone Degree”

    Could drones become an important educational tool in the nation’s classrooms?  Some school administrators and teachers think so.  A growing number are allowing their students to experiment with drones in the hopes of spurring greater interest in the science and technology fields.  Some schools are even preparing students to become drone pilots or to train... Read More

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  • Turkey’s Armed Drone Industry

    Turkey’s drone industry is one of the world’s most robust.  It’s also one of the world’s most controversial.  That’s because the Turkish government of President Tayyip Erdogan has made the development and export of armed drones a top national security priority, and a symbol of the nation’s global influence and prestige.  Turkish drone exports have... Read More

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  • The View from Below: Some Drones Are Developing “Tunnel” Vision

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have assumed an increasing number of functional roles within industry but few are as important as inspecting damaged infrastructure.  Yet, most of the attention to date has focused on outdoor inspections of bridges, electric grids, highways and buildings.  Less well known is the emerging role of drones in deep tunnel inspections... Read More

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