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  • Drones Can Help Guide America’s Infrastructure Development

    The construction industry has emerged as the sector of the US economy with the greatest need for support from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  This was true well before the nation turned its attention to the enormous challenge of replacing its crumbling infrastructure. But with billions of dollars in new federal funding for this purpose now... Read More

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  • Next-Generation “Indoor” Drones Help Mining Companies Save Lives and Money

    The most obvious use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, (UAV’s)  in the mining industry is to map and inspect a mine site and report on such things as stockpiles and security breaches.  The current means of performing such activities – using trained human surveyors operating on foot — is time-consuming and costly, and may yield imprecise... Read More

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  • Space Drones: The Final Frontier?

    So much of the excitement (and apprehension) surrounding the proliferation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) focuses on their prospective impact on our everyday lives on Earth. But the long-term impact of drones on the future of space exploration and travel – and inevitably, space-based warfare – could be just as profound. A growing number of... Read More

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  • Drone Medical Rescue Missions Are Coming Home

    Drones are well-known for speeding delivery of emergency medical supplies, including vaccines, to remote villages in Africa.  But with far less fanfare drones are also beginning to make deliveries of badly needed medicines to remote rural areas within the United States, too.  One of the leaders in US-based drone medical operations is San Francisco-based Zipline. ... Read More

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  • Bowing to Industry Pressure, FAA Will Expand Drone Airspace Rights  

    Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators will finally be able to fly their drones over densely inhabited areas using Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) navigation thanks to new draft FAA regulations that are awaiting final approval.  The new regulations will also allow UAV operations to fly more than one drone at a time and are... Read More

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  • Japan Breaks Into the Drone Industry With a Two-Week Long Event

    Fascination with drones is a relatively new phenomenon in japan.  It took a 2015 incident, in which a private hobbyist managed to crash a small drone into the official residence of the country’s president, to spark widespread commercial and consumer interest. Since then, Japanese companies have begun producing the country’s first unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),... Read More

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  • Another Burgeoning Role for Drones: Warehouse Inventory Management

    Every warehouse manager dreads the need for ongoing inventory management.  Even with the help of barcodes or RFID identifiers, it takes workers hours to roam through the warehouse to take stock.  Yearly inventories are one thing but most warehouses feel the need for periodic or cyclic inventories to gauge shifting  purchasing trends, especially during peak... Read More

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  • Drones Are Helping the Feds Improve Their “Moose Count”

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can play a wide range of roles in the field of environmental management and conservationists the world over have wasted no time putting them to good use.  One obvious advantage is that UAVs can facilitate inspection of potential environmental hazards and the counting and monitoring of endangered species without the expense... Read More

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  • As Drones Fill the Skies, More Consumers Are Looking for Ways to Detect Them

    Are you worried that someone may be eavesdropping on your home or office?  With so many unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying the friendly skies these days, the possibility of a nosy neighbor or corporate spy surveilling your movements and conversations or stealing your data from the air are growing.  But fortunately, so are the means... Read More

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  • Iran Appears Ready to Ship Drones to Russia

    In a dramatic sign of military escalation in the Ukraine war, Iran appears ready to ship hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to Russia to assist Moscow’s increasingly aggressive campaign to declare victory in the East.  While Iran and Russia already enjoy an active military alliance in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, Tehran... Read More

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