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  • Using Underwater Drones to Recover Sunken Treasure

     The United States of America is again facing an economic crisis with inflation rates reaching record levels. Impacted by the events of a global pandemic, the cost of everything from milk and eggs to cars and homes has increased when the nation needs an economic surge. Hopefully, as we have learned from economic history,... Read More

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  • Axon Drone Company Looking For Ways to Use Drones To Help Stop Gun Violence

    For nearly 30 years, Dr. Michael Rodriguez has been studying the uniquely American gun violence epidemic as a public health issue at the University of California, Los Angeles. As the university’s co-director for the Firearm Violence Prevention Center, Dr. Rodriguex is considered an expert on the subject. In the wake of the recent mass shootings... Read More

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  • SKYMAGIC Performs Drone Light Show for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration

     Acknowledging 70 years on the throne for Queen Elizabeth II, a massive Platinum Jubilee Celebration took place on June 2-5, 2022. Celebrations included the annual Trooping the Colors Parade, a Royal Gun Salute, the lighting of beacons throughout the country, luncheons, tea parties, a Service of Thanksgiving, and a Derby, among many other festivities.... Read More

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  • Commissioner of NY State Parks Using Drones to Keep an Eye On Shark Populations

    Based on a novel by Peter Benchley, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws has been terrifying people for 47 years. Every summer in the United States, movie theaters play the film to audiences that just can’t get enough of it. Spielberg wanted to create a film that made people believe that a man-eating shark could be lurking along... Read More

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  • One of the Keys to Ukraine’s Success During the Russian Invasion Has Been the Use of Drone Technology

    Though it is hard to get any definitive information from Russian forces, presumably, President Vladimir Putin figured his invasion of Ukraine would be quick, one Ukraine’s small military would be unprepared to hold off. However, thanks to an undeniable sense of patriotism, the Ukrainian people, under the leadership of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, have shown that... Read More

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  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Testing Hurricane Hunting Drones

    Global warming is affecting Earth in many ways. As ice sheets and glaciers melt, sea levels rise. This, in turn, impacts storm systems, contributing to the increase in hurricane severity we have witnessed over the last decade. Since its founding in the 1970s, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been studying weather patterns... Read More

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  • Robot++ Using Drones To Clean, Derust and Inspect Cargo Freight Ships

    In 2020, the cargo shipping industry transported more than 10 billion tons of goods worldwide. Chinamax, a standard for measuring some of the largest cargo freight ships, was originally developed to account for cargo ships along the China-Brazil trade routes. Harbors around the world have now expanded to accommodate such large vessels. A Chinamax ship... Read More

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  • Drones Are Playing a Major Role For the United States Geological Survey (USGS)

    The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is responsible for studying the landscape, natural resources, and natural hazards of the United States. Founded in 1879, the current motto of the agency is “Science for a Changing World”. Over the many decades that the USGS has been functioning, they have continued to change along with the scientific... Read More

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