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  • Using Underwater Drones to Find Missing World War 2 Submarines

    Armed with a passion for adventure and history, underwater explorers Tim Taylor and Christine Dennison have set out to solve the mysteries of lost US submarines.   Tim, the CEO and founder of Tiburon Subsea, has over 30 years of experience leading underwater expeditions.  Christine is the founder of Mad Dog Expeditions and is known... Read More

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  • LiDAR: (Light Detection and Ranging) Working in Conjunction with Drones

    It seems as if LiDAR technologies are having a huge moment right now.  LiDAR is being used in everything from self driving cars to autonomous drones.   LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and it is a system of sending out pulses of light to create measurements.  The system measures how long it takes... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Combat Mosquito Born Illnesses

    It’s hard to believe that a creature about the size of your pinky nail, a mosquito, is the most deadly creature in the world.  The World Health Organization announced that nearly 7250,000 people a year die from diseases carried by mosquitoes.  Of these diseases, every year 200 million people get malaria leading to the deaths... Read More

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  • Utility Companies Using Drones to Inspect Power Lines After Storms

    After the Great Northeastern Blackout in 1965 that left 30 million North Americans without power for 13 hours, we realized just how dependent we had become on our electrical grid.  In response to this, Congress held hearings in the early 70’s to address the lack of research the nation was putting into the power industries. ... Read More

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  • With the Help of a Drone, Archeologists Find Lost Settlement on Raleigh Islands

    In 1990, an archeologist discovered ancient artifacts on Raleigh Island on Florida’s Northern Gulf Coast.  Then in 2010, further exploration of the island revealed an ancient settlement dating from 900 to 1200 CE.  But it wasn’t until recently that archeologists were able to uncover the full scope of this long lost settlement.  Professor Ken Sassaman... Read More

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  • Navy Using Drones to Deliver Items to Submarines

    In 2016, the US Navy established the iLab at the Naval Submarine Training Center Pacific.  Lt. Cmdr. Chris Keithley who is the iLab’s military advisor said, “We believe that [for] many of problems that Sailors are experiencing right now, there are solutions.  Unfortunately, they’re nascent inside of the Sailors’ heads, and getting to the point of actually... Read More

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  • Using Drones to Track Rhinoceros by Analyzing Their Foot Prints

    On March 19, 2018 Sudan, a northern white rhinoceros, died in Kenya.  Sudan was the last known male northern white rhinoceros in the world.  Currently there are only two females of the species known to be alive, both of whom are in captivity.  The southern white rhinos are faring much better and as of now... Read More

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  • Drone Hobbyists Hampering Firefighters Ability to Stop Wildfires in California

    The state of California is once again in the middle of it’s wildfire season.  Last year California saw 8,054 wildfires resulting in 1,823,153 acres of destroyed property, more than any other region in the United States.  This year it is estimated that the state will once again be victim to more wildfires than anywhere else... Read More

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  • Verity Drones Accompany Celine Dion During Performance

    Many performers will say the best part of their careers is seeing an audience in awe at their performance.  When an artist is able to push the boundaries of what an audience thought was possible, they have created a show that becomes everlasting.  For many years that involved the inclusion of intricate costumes and props,... Read More

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  • Indoor Drone Training Facility Opening in Colorado

    With the continued demand for drones in the workforce comes the increasing need for specialized areas to test these drones.  Drones need to be tested for any issues before they can be used for things like inspections, photography, search and rescue, or cargo delivery.  Besides needing to test the drones, having a training facility for... Read More

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