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  • Delivery Drones Causing Headaches In Australia

    The race to who will be the first company to fully launch a commercial drone delivery system is heating up.  Amazon, Google, and Walmart are all striving to get their drones up in the air to bring their goods to customers.  In the United States logistical restrictions have continued to block this progress.  Meanwhile in... Read More

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  • New Underwater Drone Design Based off of Squid and Scallops

    Scientists have often looked to nature to aid in technical engineering, and drone engineers are no exception to this.  Many drone designs are based off creatures that fly naturally.  There are drones that mimic the body type and motions of bats, birds, and bees.  Using these creatures to inspire drone design has proven to create... Read More

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  • Throwflame Creates Flame Throwers for Drones

    Whether or not you think it is a safe idea, a drone with a 25′ flame thrower will soon be available for commercial purchase.  Well, actually it is a flame thrower that can be attached to a drone.  But it still means that drones will be able to fly around shooting flames 25′ in the... Read More

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  • US Government Worried Over Security Concerns When Using DJI Drones

    We live in a world that is slowly becoming dominated by drones and the technologies that surround them.  Drones are being used in countless professional sectors.  They are also being sold to thousands of individuals for private use.  They make up a huge part of our nation’s military operations as well.  The US military uses... Read More

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  • New Flybotix Drone to Make Inspections Easier and More Cost Efficient

    Drones have been proven to be a major asset when it comes to commercial inspections.  They can safely, quickly, and easily inspect areas that would otherwise be very time consuming and difficult to be done manually.  Because they make inspections so efficient they save industrial companies a lot of time and money.  One problem with... Read More

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  • Big Box Stores Start Using Drones For Spills, Cleanups & More

    There are countless types of drones today.  From small hobby drones to massive military drones, they come in all shapes and sizes.  But drones aren’t just limited to UAVs, Unmanned “Arial” Vehicles.  There are submersible drones that can navigate underwater like the RangerBot traversing the Great Barrier Reef or drones that drive across surfaces like... Read More

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  • Company “Dronescapes” Uses Drones to Help Farmers Maintain Their Crops

    Tyler Mylin grew up in Wabash, IN as part of a farming community.  He spent his childhood watching his friends and family working day and night in farm fields.  He saw first hand how much tireless work goes into every aspect of farm life.  As an adult Tyler entered the world of technology getting a... Read More

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  • Exyn Technologies Working On Artificial Intelligent Drone that Can Work In Harsh Terrains

    In 2014, the dean of engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Vijay Kuma, and strategic growth specialist Nader Elm came together to build the advanced robotics company called Exyn Technologies.  The company started as a spinoff of UPenn’s GRASP Laboratory which according to their website, “incorporates a selective and rigorous robotics program for graduate and... Read More

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  • NASA to Send a Drone to Saturn’s Moon, Titan

    Ever since the race to space began in the mid 1950’s the world has been fascinated with learning about what lays outside of our atmosphere.  Since then, NASA has spent millions of dollars annually in space research, close to $601.31 billion since NASA’s inception.  After decades of study there is a lot that has been... Read More

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  • Police Around the World Using Drones to Patrol Roads and Highways

    London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has instated a new policy called the Vision Zero initiative which states that all road accident deaths are unacceptable.  In 2019 London saw more than 60 people killed on it’s roadways.  Mayor Khan hopes to have eliminated all roadway accidental deaths by the year 2041.  The Metropolitan Police is gearing up... Read More

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