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  • Students at Union City, PA School Learning How to Build, Program and Fly Drones

    About 22 miles southeast of Erie, Pennsylvania, lies the small town of Union City. Founded in 1800, the 1.9 square mile town with a population of around 3,000 has a classic small-town Americana vibe to it. But being a small, close knit, rural community by no means has hindered Union City from having access to... Read More

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  • Drones Giving Artists and Photographers a Brand New Perspective

    The ArtOfPhotography website features photography from some of the top artists in the world. On the website’s home page it states, ” Through the experience of art, the powers of perception, observation, and reality can be awakened in both the ones who create directly and the ones who perceive indirectly.” Drones have changed the way... Read More

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  • With Covid Spreading Rapidly In India, Government Officials Using Drones to Deliver Vaccines and Monitor Crowds

    It’s Memorial Day weekend, and much of the United States has lifted COVID-19 mask mandates. Across the country, people are celebrating mask free, but still cautiously. The World Health Organization reports that nearly 1.8 billion COVID vaccines have been administered worldwide, and infection rates are continuing to decline. The WHO still wants people to be... Read More

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  • United States Navy Using Underwater Drones to Find and Disable Sea Mines

    During World War II, more than 200,000 explosive mines were strewn about the world’s oceans. When the war ended, many of these mines were left intact. Some because it wasn’t worth the expense to remove them, some because their placements were simply forgotten. Though navies reportedly no longer officially lay mines, some rogue navies do... Read More

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  • Harvard Archeologists Using Drones In Sudan to Study Ancient Sites

    Pop culture has painted an Indiana Jones like image of archaeology for many people. And while the Indian Jones films were highly entertaining and made the study of archaeology somewhat popular, they are, after all, just movies. Still, archaeology is very important for us in the modern world to understand how we got to where... Read More

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  • Scientists Using Drones to Count The Endangered Grey-Headed Flying Fox Population

    For thousands of years, bats have been falsely feared. Mayan artwork dating back to 2,000 BC depicts bats as fearsome creatures, harbingers of death. It is easy to see how this misconception started. Bats are nocturnal creatures that live in caves or dark creepy places. They stealthily swoop through the night, and when spooked, a... Read More

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  • Minnesota Police Department Adds a Drone To Their Arsenal of Tools

    Having the best tools available to get a job done can make all the difference. For law enforcement and emergency agencies in the United States, drones have become just that tool to take operations to the next level. When the Federal Aviation Administration designated the Chula Vista Police Department in southern California as a pilot... Read More

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