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  • Drones Must Display Registration Numbers

    As governments around the world struggle with issues raised by the increase of drones, agencies have to regularly update the laws to keep up with this new technology. One such recent change by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regards how registration numbers must be displayed on drones. The FAA has amended that a drone’s registration... Read More

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  • Renewable Energy Production Using Drones and Kites

    Renewable energy production contributed 18.5 percent of the earth’s total electricity in 2018. This was mainly generated from the hydroelectric power systems. Fast forward to 2019, the figures have already increased to upwards of 25 percent. The data from the International Renewable Energy Agency showed that this increase was due to the mass installation of... Read More

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  • Using Drones for Surveillance on High End Homes

    Sunflower Labs, a startup company created by an exec who used to work for Evernote, is leading the way in drone based personal security. The first example of how these drones operate can be found in a house in San Carlos, California. This prototype home is owned by the Alex Pachikov, the CEO of Sunflower... Read More

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  • US Army Develops Pocket Sized Drones

     After four years of intensive research and testing between the US army and FLIR Systems, the collaboration has finally put forth the Black Hornet nano drone. This comes as a huge advancement for the miniture device’s military applications. According to the US military, the tiny unmanned copter is set to give even the smallest... Read More

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  • US Army Invents a New Technique to Counter Drones

    Due to the widespread use of drones amongst potential adversaries, the US military has developed a countermeasure against these small unmanned aerial vehicles. Army engineers from the New Jersey Research and Development Center (ARDEC) have been working on a solution. They have developed a weapon that they believe can effectively destroy enemy drones. The weapon,... Read More

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  • North Dakota Aims to Extend the Use of Drones to the Petroleum Industry

    Authorities in North Dakota want federal approval for the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or what are more commonly referred to as drones, for use in the oil and gas industry. North Dakota is pushing for the application of the drone technology in what is called “beyond the visual line of sight” or BVLS... Read More

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  • Preparing For Rogue Drones During the Super Bowl

    Echodyne is an electronic company based out of Kirkland, WA, that creates a drone detecting radar system. Echodyne was granted expedited approval from the FCC to test their new system during the Super Bowl game between the L.A. Rams and New England Patriots. Echodyne was awarded the opportunity to facilitate the operation of radar within... Read More

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  • NYPD Raises Public Concern About its Drone Program

    One of the most dangerous professional fields is that of law enforcement. It is a field that highly depends on technological advancements. One such technology that law enforcement agencies have become very fond of is drone technology. Several agencies and departments across the United States are now using drone technology to map out crime scenes,... Read More

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  • Salisbury Police Department Plans to Run a Drone Demo

    The police in Salisbury, Massachusetts are contemplating the idea of introducing the use of drones in their police force. A specially designed drone will be flown over the Beach Road Police Station as part of a demo. If the demo is successful, the police department intends to explore ways in which drones can be used... Read More

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  • Usage of Drones In Agriculture and to Help Reverse Climate Change

    The evolutionary rate of technological advancement right now is tremendous. New technological ideas are assisting a wide variety of industries. One such industry that has been previously considered once dominated more by humans than machines is that of agriculture. Agricultural experts have been relying on new technologies for some time in both the production and... Read More

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