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  • States Begin Using Drones and Track Deer Populations

    Deer populations play an important role in maintaining biodiversity levels in the United States. In the late 1800’s, white-tailed deer populations in the United States had been nearly hunted to extinction. The diminished population caused predator populations like wolves and cougars to decline as well. Deer naturally maintain forest overgrowth and are a vital part... Read More

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  • Ireland Puts On Drone Show to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

     Early in the 17th century, the Catholic Church declared March 17th as a day to honor Ireland’s foremost patron Saint, St. Patrick. As a day of celebration that falls within the period of Lent, the church lifted restrictions for that day. This break in Lent has led to St. Patrick’s Day becoming a raucously... Read More

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  • Professor at MIT Creates Miniature Drones That Fly Like Bugs

     Insects like flies, bees, and dragonflies have incredible agility. They can fly fast in complex patterns and navigate effortlessly without crashing. The dynamic flight of such insects has long inspired engineers in the design of novel flying machines. In February of 2021, a team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published their... Read More

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  • Belgium Investing Heavily In the Drone Industry

    To support Belgium’s growing investment in the aerospace industry, SABCA was founded in 1920 in a suburban area of Brussels. They began with in-house designs for both civilian and military aircraft. SABCA was also granted a license to produce other manufacturer’s aircraft. Over the last century, SABCA has continued to become a leader in Belgium’s... Read More

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