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  • The Future of Anti-Drone Technology

    As drones keep getting more advanced, there is a need for law enforcement agencies to come up with new ways to stop enemy drones. Drones are becoming a common feature in war-zones allowing both sides to survey enemy territories, pinpoint enemy locations, and even drop bombs. A lot of damage can be caused by a... Read More

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  • Police Consider Using Drones to Monitor Protestors of the Badger Cull

    In the South-west of England, there is an ongoing badger cull exercise. The badgers have been linked with increasing cases of tuberculosis in cattle. Authorities maintaining that reducing the badger numbers in certain regions will also reduce the tuberculosis prevalence in cows.  Local Police have been deployed to oversee the exercise, something that has put... Read More

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  • Farmers Using Drones to Monitor Their Crops

    Agriculture has always been on the cutting edge of new advancements in technology. Now, some farmers are getting aerial views of their crops in order to monitor their health. To do this, farmers are turning to drone technology allowing them to assess their farmlands fast, effectively and efficiently. Corey Oeschger, a farmer who owns 100... Read More

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  • Drones to Fly Over Crowds in New Australia Monitoring for Terrorism

    Victoria, Australia is in the process of creating a new counter terrorism program that will take advantage of drone technology. The drones will be used to fly over crowds during major events such as football matches, concerts, and other public events. Ross Guenther, the head of Victoria Police counter terrorism unit, warns that the threat... Read More

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  • Local Authorities Working On New Ways to Regulate Drones

    It won’t be long before local authorities create a specific traffic department to regulate civilian drones. A few years ago, drones were simply to expensive to be used by much of anyone outside of military and government professions. But as drone prices fell, drone applications have greatly increased. Now people are using drones for a... Read More

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  • Counter Drone Technology Displayed at the 2018 GSX Convention

    Ever since drones were invented, criminals have come up with new ways to use drones to their advantage. Drones are great for criminals because they can be used to deliver contraband or spy on people and areas undetected. As such, many security companies are working on anti-drone technologies to cater to the growing demand. During... Read More

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  • Federal Government to Pass Bill Allowing Them to Shoot Down Drones

    The federal government will soon be able to shoot down any privately owned drones in the event that the FAA budget bill becomes law, according to NBC news. The new law would give the FBI and Department of Homeland Security the power to track and shoot down commercial drones that are considered threats. If the... Read More

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  • Scientists Using Drones to Monitor Endangered Orca Whales

    Aerial photos taken by drones are helping scientists track the health and movement of Southern Resident orcas. The research program began back in 2008. This year has been the most successful, all thanks to drones. Being the ninth year of the research, a record number of photographs have been taken. The partnership between SR3 Sealife... Read More

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  • Marines Testing New Technology to Hide From Enemy Drones

    In just a short period of time since they were invented, drones have taken many industries by storm. Providing businesses with an easy way to do many tasks that were previously challenging, time consuming and expensive can now be done at a fraction of the cost. However, as much as we have grown to love... Read More

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  • Researchers Developing Insect Inspired System for Flying Drones

    Flying insects are quite good at maneuvering through tight spots, but they often run into obstacles especially windows. As unique as insects are, there is hardly any space on their bodies to mount fancy computing and sensing systems to help improve their flight. A group of scientists have researched the flying habits of insects particularly... Read More

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