Company Creates Under Water Drones for Inspecting Pipes and Waterways

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Drone technology has been taking over our airspace lately.  They are being used for almost everything from photography, inspections, agriculture, security, deliveries, research, racing, hobby, and so much more.  Drones come in all sizes with different flying and battery configurations.  But now, a new form of drone technology is making it’s mark.  These are drones built to swim or crawl through pipes and waterways.  When you go outside and see your town or city it’s easy to forget that all that you see bustling about you is often supported by a vast underground system.  These underground systems are critical to the infrastructure of our communities and maintaining them can often be difficult.  A new company called Deep Trekker has found a way to solve this problem.

With an ever growing population, more and more construction is constantly happening.  As these structures are built they need to be supported by subterranean structures like tunnels, pipes, subways, bridge supports, and sewers.  If any of these systems are faulted it can cause catastrophic conditions above ground.  City and town maintenance committees have to abide by strict maintenance codes to keep everything working smoothly.  However, being able to monitor and service these below ground systems is time consuming, difficult, and dangerous.  Finding a way to use technology and drones to assist in this is key to the preservation of the system and safety of the employees

According to their website, “Deep Trekker, Inc. is your complete headquarters for high-quality, commercial-grade remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), also called underwater drones, specifically designed and developed to make underwater observation easy and affordable. We offer an extensive selection of submersible robots with cameras that are portable, easy to use and require no maintenance. What’s more, you can deploy our ROVs and Pipe Crawlers from just about anywhere — you don’t have to set up bulky, cumbersome generators or topside boxes.”  

Deep Trekker has five customizable drone systems available to fit the needs of your inspection site.  The drones all come in portable cases with everything needed to operate them, including and internal battery.  Familiarizing oneself with how to control the drones is also very easy with a simple gaming like console.  The drones are ruggedly built to withstand a diverse set of conditions.  They can just as easily handle the conditions of a dark sewer, to a windy pipe field, or even extreme ocean currents.  

Deep Trekker drones are making maintenance safe, efficient, and affordable for so many industries.  They are being used for underwater discovery, oil and energy maintenance, municipal infrastructure, environmental research, and so much more.  Lars Lind of Miko Marine, a company that does underwater salvaging and repair is a huge fan of the Deep Trekker system.  He said of it, “Nice and handy ROV, a perfect alternative to divers when you need eyes under water. Virtually no preparation needed; just bring the case to your work site, take out the ROV, connect the remote and throw it into the water.

We often take for granted what is going on in systems like pipes and waterways that support our above ground structures.  If a sewer system were to fail, or if a deep sea pipe line were to crack, the effects could be devastating.  With the innovative and affordable support of companies like Deep Trekker these issues can be avoided.  Deep Trekker prides themselves on not just being the go to for submersible and pipe drones, but for finding ways to partner with others to solve any issues that may arise to make our world a safer place.

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