Counter Drone Technology Displayed at the 2018 GSX Convention

Ever since drones were invented, criminals have come up with new ways to use drones to their advantage. Drones are great for criminals because they can be used to deliver contraband or spy on people and areas undetected. As such, many security companies are working on anti-drone technologies to cater to the growing demand. During this year’s Global Security Exchange (GSX), counter drone technology has taken center stage. According to Scott Breor of the Department of Homeland Security who witnessed the demonstration, counter drone technology is now one of the hottest topics in the security industry which could be shown by how much buzz the demonstration created at GSX.

While drones have taken the world by storm due to their ability to record high quality videos and stunning images, they also can be a useful tool for spies, terrorists, thieves, and other criminals looking to damage critical infrastructure. This rising threat posed by drones has led to a rise in demand for counter drone technology that can be relied on to take out drones from the sky safely. According to Gregg Pugmire of Fortem Technologies, the company that put on the demonstration at GSX, drones have become a major threat to security since they are small, easy to obtain, easy to operate, cheap, and highly effective. Criminals can use drones remotely without anyone ever knowing who was behind it.

Fortem Technologies’ counter drone technology can autonomously detect an unauthorized drone the second it enters a restricted zone and either takes a photo of the enemy object, capture it, or more. The drone can effectively be launched autonomously based on preset parameters for a secure environment. SCI Technology also exhibited a similar counter drone at GSX. Their drone weighs 55 pounds and can reach speeds of 100mph to capture a drone of the same speed and size.

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