DJI’s New Amazing Headquarters By Foster + Partners

The architecture company, Foster + Partners have designed an amazing new headquarters for the drone company, DJI in Shenzhen, China. DJI specializes in manufacturing drones that are used by many industries such as film production, photography and much more.  The building’s design will allow the company to show off its latest products and although it’s still under construction, it will be used as an innovation center when it opens to the public.

DJI’s equipment is typically used by architectural filmmakers and photographers. One of their drones, with an built in camera was used by British studio Hufton and Crow for the three-day shoot of Mountain Village.  JCMinn, a popular YouTuber used DJI’s drone to film the new Apple Campus in California while it was under construction. With many videographers and photographers using DJI’s drones, the new office structure is supposed to be a great way for the company to showcase their new products.

The structure will have two towers made of stacked glass. The idea is to create a column-free office space in which they can fly drones inside. In the towers, there will be research and development work areas, as well as offices and a public display area which will be used to showcase DJI’s latest drones.  On the ground level, there will be an exhibition area that will be used for product launch events. There is also going to be a staff facility which will include a gym and even a ring for robot fights!

The plan is to create a unique workplace for DJI employees that will embody the spirit of innovation and invention which has allowed the company to stay ahead as a leader in the world of drone technology.  Drone technology is completely transforming the environment, stated Mark Dytham, an architect. Just like many experts, he emphasized in a recent interview that drones will completely change the architectural industry and how buildings are designed and constructed in the future.

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